Being a Blogger Seemed like a Huge Joke

There was a time when being a blogger seemed like a huge joke. People called bloggers fools for making blogging their main preoccupation. Back then, the thought of making a living through your blog was nothing more than a fantasy. Nobody thought it was possible. No one was familiar with the concept of working from home. How could sharing your thoughts on a blog be something of interest?

When you fast forward to our world today, the perception of bloggers and blogging has changed. Bloggers now make a comfortable living just sharing their ideas and giving value to people through their blogs. More and more people read blogs everyday and a good number of people have embraced blogging all together.


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We were once considered as foolish but unknown to society we were wiser than they thought we were. Does this mean that bloggers are free from criticism or being looked down upon? Unfortunately, no. There are still many who think blogging is a waste of time. But if you’re a blogger or intend to start your own blog one day, here are some reasons why bloggers are smarter than many people think them to be.


A Blogger is self-made

As bloggers, we put in a lot of hard work to build our brand and elevate ourselves to the stage where we will earn a comfortable living through our blog. At first, it seems crazy to put hours into writing, editing, and consistently publishing and promoting your blog posts, but we bloggers had a goal in mind.We see opportunities where others see “too busy to blog”.


Bloggers have great influence in the industry

Who would have thought anyone would care about a common blogger’s opinion? Today, many people do. In fact, bloggers are among the most influential people online. There’s hardly an influencer who doesn’t own a blog of some sort, whether it be written or in video.

Most bloggers have a target audience they relate with on a level big companies would only dream about. Which is why we how we have become so relevant. Now people seek out influencers to promote their products or chip in a good word for their brand, products or services.


Bloggers made their blogs great resources

The answer to almost every question you need answered can be found on a blog. This makes blogs go-to resources for their readers. Bloggers are dedicated to giving loads of value in their blogs and making sure that there are actionable steps or are jam-packed with useful information. If you’re learning something new, you can always find a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process.

Blogs rich with information are highly consulted and bloggers are seen as experts in their niche.


Do you run a blog? How are you finding it?


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  1. I remember when I started out over 4 years ago now, everytime I mentioned to people I blogged they would smirk or say something like ‘who even reads blogs anyway’ at that time it was weird but now I embrace it and love it

  2. I just stumbled back into the blogging world after a 5 year hiatus, so I do not feel qualified to answer that question. However, even though I am just a few weeks in, blogging has always made me feel like working super hard, because (with a few exceptions), you really get out what you put in. I also second the point of blogs being resources; I like having good information to share with people, and I like people thinking I can help them achieve something.

  3. Great post Stella. I have a blog and also search blogs for any information I need. I love reading other blogs and if I was looking for latest styles and recipes I would always start with blogs first 🙂

  4. My parents and many of my friends certainly don’t “get it” and suggest I get a proper job – there are those that try and copy and realise how hard work it is and some just ask me to get them stuff LOL

  5. I think there was a time when bloggers were seen as a bit second class, but I actually think that was because people were envious. Nowadays, I think it’s a very reputable line of work, and there’s much more kudos in it than there used to be.

  6. Absolutely love this. I still have many friends who can’t get their head around it and think I live in fantasy land, even after I turned it into a full-time career inside 16 months. It’s lead to two appearances on the BBC, numerous radio interviews and work with some major companies. The fact there are so many of us achieving great things makes it kind of ridiculous that we still are’t taken seriously by some. More fool them!

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