The hidden power of responsibility

Happy Saturday Folks! I hope you all are keeping well wherever you are. This year has been tricky and it is amazing we are all still standing doing what we do. I hope the last few weeks of the year will be better than the previous weeks we have had. Christmas is around the corner, so that is something new to look forward to! This Christmas will definitely be different but I am going to make the most of the festivities anyway I can. This year has taught me a lot. It has revealed layers of myself I have forgotten/buried away, and it has given life a whole new meaning. With every situation, no matter how bad, there is always a lesson and 2020 has been loaded with lessons. One thing this year has really thought me is the hidden power of responsibility.

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The hidden power of responsibility

We are all responsible for ourselves regardless of what is happening around us or to us. How we respond is always our choice. There are always options available and the path we choose is up to us at the end of the day. The problem is most of us are unaware of our power than we unknowingly give it away. This is where the imbalance starts. When we start to react instead of respond. When we let others become “responsible” for us instead of taking charge of our lives. We are all responsible for the effects of our actions, not just our intentions. Once we remember that, we will understand why it is so important to stand in our power and take charge of our life, rather than standing by the sidelines, watching others live our lives for us.

The year 2020 has been a teacher. It has reminded me to play an active role in my life and be responsible for the effects of my actions and not just my intentions. What has 2020 taught you?




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  1. Have to say first, your hair in that picture looks amazing.

    Regarding this year, being a long term member of a 12 step program which is fellowship based, and is about change, it in many ways hasn’t been so hard for us as those of us with sobriety get the meaning of powerlessness, surrender and change.

    It was still a major shock to the system. Where’s this fellowship just upped from venues and worldwide moved thousands op on thousands of meetings online to Zoom so we still have fellowship, its still taken some getting used too.

    Certainly been rammed in all of us how powerless we are. Powerless though not helpless. Personal responsibility is certainly the key. Adapting, acceptance and change have been big parts of this year including seeing clearly what is important and what isn’t

    In a sense Covid19 has been a lesson to us all and a good reminder of the fact humans are not in charge as we like to think we are. The collective governments need to work together more to look at climate change and so on which I think is a part of this too

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