Happy New Year! Hey 2021!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely new year’s day yesterday. It was a quiet one for us. We spent the day indoors as it was freezing cold and we were snowed in. Also with the current pandemic restrictions here socialising is completely out of the window. How did you spend the day?

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I am looking forward to the new year. Last year was a very different year and that was the case for most of us. I feel this year will be different in many new ways as well. Regardless of what the new year brings, I am excited to experience it all. Life is a gift and living is the gift. Once there is life, there is hope, and we should never forget that regardless of what we read online or watch on the news.

One thing I am really grateful for is that 2020 taught me to slow down. I am usually on the slow lane with many things, but I went even slower last year and I got to reunite with many aspects of myself. I am looking forward to slowing down some more this 2021. Life in the fast lane every time is no fun. What are you looking forward to this new year? Any plans for the year?

Now that the holidays are over, I will be posting on here regularly. My blogging schedule this year will be similar to last year; a few times a week. I think that works great for my blog’s SEO and my current lifestyle. I am juggling a family, studying for a new degree in psychology, freelance writing, and social media management jobs, plus Fashion and Style Police. So my hands are full literally but I will make every blog post here count.

Have a great 2021. Stay safe and enjoy the new year.



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