Here Is A Few Ideas On Changing Career Path

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Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in the same job for a long long time. It may be that we are good at that job so feel we owe it to ourselves and the company to stick at it. However, if you don’t love what you do it can start to affect our motivation, work ethic, and certainly our happiness and mental health. You should look forward to going to work and passionate about what you do for a living. There is more to life than just paying bills and going to work. Sometimes we may just be stuck at work out of habit, never having thought about the different opportunities out there and different avenues we can take. A lot of people also think once they get past a certain age that they are kind of stuck where they are. But this isn’t the case. If you were thinking of moving jobs but didn’t and carried on in 10 years you will be doing the same thing. If however, you move into something you enjoyed, 10 years down the line you will be thriving and progressing in a career that you are passionate about. Here are a few ideas on what you can do to change your career path. 

Make Money On Social Media

The rise of bloggers and influencers has come and people can make money on social media now. It is a very good way to make money if you are successful and some people have made millions just from promoting and growing an audience on social media. It may seem odd but it is in a way a form of marketing. If a business only has 3000 followers on social media but they can pay a fee for someone with 100,000 followers to promote their product to that many people then it works out well for the company. In some scenarios, companies have sponsored a social media influencer to promote something and then sold out within hours. That isn’t always how it goes but it is certainly one of the forms of marketing used in most businesses now. They know the influence social media stars have and what a positive impact they can have on a business. 

Look At Starting Your Own Franchise

If you have the money to invest in a franchise you can not only start a new career but you can be your own boss. You can choose your own hours and what type of thing you go into. It could be food-related, having your own restaurant or food stand. It is a great way to get family involved to help set up as well. There are so many options like car repair and even things like drug testing businesses where you can run testing labs and all different things. You can even take drug and alcohol testing courses to make sure you are successful in your new business venture. Starting up a franchise and becoming your own boss can be extremely rewarding. You won’t need to worry about not having time off for important family events, your kid’s plays and birthdays, and anything else you want to experience in life. You will be the boss so you can leave your trusted staff to do the job and enjoy life more. 

Help Out A Worthy Cause

If you are looking to change your career but also give back in a way you could look at getting a job as a fundraiser. There are all sorts of businesses like hospitals, nonprofits, and many more that need to raise money for their business to survive. They will also pay someone to come in and help them do that. Depending on the company you work for it can be quite a high-paying job. It would be your job to come up with inventive, creative, and cost-effective ways to help raise money to keep things afloat. Whether that is through a big ad campaign or something smaller like bake sales, car washes, and different things that people can do within their community. Not only will you be changing your career for the better but you will also be making a huge difference for a good cause and helping people who need it. 

These are some of the ideas of things you can do if you feel like you are at a point in your life where you need to start making changes. Changing your career can seem scary but can be so worth it. 


It’s Never Too Late To Change Direction

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In life, it can be hard to know what it is that you really want in life. You can spend years working towards something that you thought you wanted, but then when you get there it’s not quite what you thought it would be. Even if that is the case, that doesn’t mean it’s too late, there’s no point in life where there’s no turning back when it comes to your career, and you should never let thoughts like that hold you back! 

Often people do what’s expected of them, or what they feel they need to do, so it’s not uncommon to be working in a job that doesn’t align with your dreams. You have to be creative with your ambitions if you want to know what it is that fits you.

How to know

Is your job starting to feel stale? Do you often fantasize about other careers wishing that you worked towards them instead? Well, if this is the case, it might be time to start looking into turning that around! That’s not to say you should just drop everything in an instant, finances need to be taken care of, but what’s stopping you from working on it? 

Age doesn’t matter

So you feel like it’s too late to turn back now, as you’re no longer in your twenties, maybe not in your thirties either; that doesn’t matter. There’s a popular Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”. Think about it, how much happier you would be twenty years from now if you were to change direction now; there’s no time like the present!

What you can do

There’s plenty you can do to change direction, no matter what your dream job is! For some, if not all, it’s going to be a daunting path. The idea of going back to college or university with people a lot younger than yourself might feel silly, but it’s completely normal! You’re there to make the best of your life, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than that.

Even if you need to spend years studying for your dream profession, it’s worth the effort if you can commit to it! For example, you could apply for a doctor of education program much later in life than the other students. It might not sound like everyone’s dream, but graduates of this program are prepared for academic leadership positions, and for some that might sound like something worth turning their life around for!

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Don’t limit yourself to the expectations of other people, if there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, you should start now.

Try new things

If you find yourself not enjoying your job, but also not knowing what it is that you want to do, not to worry! This just means you haven’t found what it is that you’re looking for yet, and it’s still never too late in life to find that! Now’s the time to be looking and experiencing new things, try to picture yourself in different professions! 

This doesn’t only apply for just jobs, hobbies and activities are a great way to find out more about yourself. Everyone needs a hobby, something that makes you feel good about yourself, and a creative outlet you can pour your time into! It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby either, you just have to remember to set aside some time for it here and there.

Why you should

If you dread going to work every day, but you think that it’s best if you carry on going to the same job in the same field, you might be wrong. Even if your current job brings in enough money to make you feel successful, you still need fulfillment and happiness to go with that. Money can’t buy happiness, but having a life that you enjoy is worth a lot more than all the money in the world. You don’t want to be living with the regret in the back of your mind, wishing that you’d just changed course at some point, when you can change course right now!

It’s not an easy decision to make, as you have to put in a lot of work to change your direction in life, but when you think about why you’re doing it, it can make it a lot easier. You only get



Signs You Could Be Wasting Time In The Wrong Career

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Are you suddenly wondering whether you may be in the wrong career? The fact that you’re even thinking about this could be an indication that you are. However, you shouldn’t go on this thought alone. Looking for other signs that you could be in the wrong career is a good idea. Below, you’ll find a list of signs that could indicate whether you are in the wrong career – take a look and see if it’s time for you to make a change:

  1. You Spend Too Much Time Complaining About Work

Do you spend a lot of your time complaining about work? If so, it could be a sign you need a change. Complaining every so often is ok, but if you’re complaining all the time and struggling to find things to be grateful for, then it could be a sign you’re in the wrong field, industry, or role. Examine what is making you unhappy and whether it is temporary or permanent. 

2. You have Work Anxiety

Having work anxiety is not pleasant, especially since we spend so much of our lives in work. Are you anxious about the workplace, someone at work, or an element of your job? You may be able to speak with your boss and sort this out, but if not, it could be a big sign that you need to move on. 

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3. You’re Not Sure Why You’re There Anymore

Maybe you started this career with the best of intentions, sure that you were going to do some meaningful things to fill you with purpose. However, if you’re not sure why you’re there anymore, it looks as if you may have grown or evolved as a person. Just because a job once filled you with joy and purpose, doesn’t mean it will forever. This is why remaining flexible is key. Just because you’ve put a few years into something, doesn’t mean you should continue to plug away at it when you’re clearly not happy. 

4. You Imagine Quitting 

If you sit at work and daydream about quitting and going off to do something else, this is a huge sign. If you know there’s something else you’d rather spend your time doing, but you’re not doing anything to work towards that, maybe now is the time to get started on an action plan.

5. Your Lifestyle Isn’t One You Enjoy

Your lifestyle is hugely important, and the type of work you do can impact it. Your work will impact how much you make, how much time you have off, flexibility, and so much more. If your lifestyle doesn’t suit you currently, it could be time to explore roles that offer lifestyles that do. You could look into driving instructor courses, as this role often comes with more flexibility than a regular job. However, it’s up to you to define the lifestyle you would like.

6. You Know Your Skills and Talents Aren’t Being Utilized

In any job role, skills and talents should be utilized for your satisfaction and your best work output. If you know that your skills and talents just aren’t being utilized, then you likely need a role where they are. What are you really good at, and what sort of role would help to enhance that? When do you feel most alive, and happy? When are you focused and in the flow? Define these moments and skills so you know what sort of things you need to be doing.

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7. You Have No Energy

Having no energy doesn’t always come from having a super busy job where you’re on your feet all day. You could begin to feel exhausted even if you’re sat down all day – jobs you hate can mentally exhaust you. Or, perhaps you feel exhausted physically and mentally because you’re giving everything you’ve got, but you’re not really getting anything back. In your ideal job, you may get tired from time to time, but you won’t mind much because you’ll feel purposeful.

8. You’re Sick All The Time

If you’re sick, either physically or mentally, it could be down to spending so much time in a job you’re not gelling with. Many people don’t feel mentally well in the wrong job. They can become riddled with anxiety and stress, amongst other issues. Plus, mental stress can lead to a lowered immune system, so the two go hand in hand.

9. You’re Just Bored

Maybe you’re seriously bored at your job. If it’s no longer a challenge for you and you want something you can get stuck into, it could be time to move on. Some people would never leave a stable job out of boredom, but where’s the fun in life if you’re going to play it safe constantly?

10. You Have To Focus On Extras Just To Get Through The Day

Maybe you’re not living in the present moment, and instead, having to focus on the extras just to get you through the day. Perhaps you’re looking ahead to a future bonus, a conference, a milestone anniversary, or a sales team trip. Maybe you constantly count the days until the weekend and dread Mondays. If you have to focus on extras to get through the day, you should definitely be elsewhere.

11. Your Values Don’t Line Up

Knowing your own personal values and what’s important to you can help you to pick the ideal job. You should work in a role that aligns with your values. Not only that, you should be working with a company that aligns with your values! For example, if you’re a vegan who loves animals, you wouldn’t want to work for a company that sells animal products. This would be at odds with what is important to you and would likely make you unhappy in one way or another. That’s just one example – make sure you know what your own values are! 

Have you figured out whether you’re in the wrong career yet? If you find yourself thinking about it all the time, then this is enough of a reason to move on. You don’t need a big reason for taking a leap of faith and doing something new. Life is to be lived, whatever stage you’re at and whatever age you are. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts below! 

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