Outfit Post – Purple Rain

Purple was one of my wedding colours, which was no surprise as it is one of my favourite colours. My mini-me has tapped in on it as well; she adores the purple colour. But as much as I love the colour purple, and the song – Purple Rain by Prince, which inspired this post, I only have a few purple pieces and accessories in my wardrobe. Which makes no sense at all. How can you love a colour but no shop for pieces in it?


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I plan on adding more purple items to my wardrobe. I am still not sure why I have only a few purple pieces but that is the reality. This shirt is a new wardrobe addition. I got it some months ago from the city of Kentucky in the US as a souvenir. It is one of those casual pieces I can just throw on when I am feeling too lazy to play dress up or too warm to think. The weather has been extremely uncomfortable warm for some time now. Most times I struggle to think of the most appropriate outfit to rock because of the heat.  How is the weather at your end?


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The cream sandals are new as well. I got that while holidaying in the US. They are great for the weather and dead comfy too which is a plus.

I am currently wearing my hair in a fro and treating the hell out of it. I have been experimenting with some new natural hair products and I will be sharing them in an upcoming post. It is amazing how much my hair has grown in the last few weeks. It just shows whatever you pay attention to grows.

What are you paying attention to?


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Purple Kentucky Souvenir T-Shirt

Black Skirt – SHE Fashion

Cream Sandals – Esprit

Cream Bag – Michael Kors

Black Sunnies – Marc Jacobs

Pink Watch – Apple Watch

Black Scarf – M&S





Celebrity Style: Leona Lewis in Frame Le Lace-Up Denim Jumpsuit

Another day, another celebrity style post. If you are new to this blog series, The Celebrity Style blog series is all about discussing if a celebrity’s outfit works or not, and why. It is not a blog series to shade the celebs, rather it is a way to discover various celebrity styles, and how we can implement them into our personal style if we like.

The A Moment Like This hitmaker – Leona Lewis was spotted some days ago, rocking a Frame Le Lace-Up Denim Jumpsuit. For those who don’t know this beauty, she is a British singer, songwriter and animal welfare campaigner, famous for winning The XFactor in the UK, many years ago.


Leona Lewis Fashion Style Image


I love this jumpsuit on Leona Lewis; I have a similar piece in my wardrobe, but in a different material. I am a huge jumpsuit lover but I rather see it on others because they are a pain to wear all day, with toilet breaks and all. But they are super stylish and in vogue, so it is fab to have a few in the summer wardrobe. I have seen Leona Lewis photographed rocking a couple of jumpsuits, so I believe she is a jumpsuit fan as well.

This beauty rocks this jumpsuit so well. The 70’s-inspired dark denim jumpsuit features a lace-up V-neck, silver-tone grommets, short sleeves, a high-waist band, belt loops, side slash pockets, and full-length seam detailing.

This look works for Leona, I like the casual chic vibe, with the hair out-of-the-way, and minimal makeup. She looks fantastic! The jumpsuit also hugs her curves in the right way.


Leona Lewis Picture


I really like this denim jumpsuit on Leona Lewis. She slayed the look SO much, she is making me want to wear it. Do you like this outfit? Is it a YAY or a NAY? Any thoughts? Please drop them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.



My Summer Garden Dreams

I can smell summer! The pink leaves are disappearing from the trees, and the weather is getting warmer.

I have started dreaming of how I would love our garden to look like this summer. Summer time usually means garden makeover time. The neighbours and I usually abandon the gardens during the winter season, and for most of spring because it is freezing and we can’t be bothered to do anything garden related. I am sure this is the same in most homes.

However, all hands are on deck when it comes to garden improvements in the summer. Everyone is out getting the lawn cut, planting, tanning,  playing and just doing outdoor stuff, which is great for the soul.

I have a few ideas for our garden this summer. The kids would be off school in a few weeks, and I would love the garden to be more child friendly in time for the summer holidays. They enjoy playing outdoors like most children, so I would want to make the garden as child friendly as possible, so we can play safely. At the moment, our garden surface is all grass, so that might need changing or improving. I know there are different types of garden surfaces available but I will let the professionals decide on the best line of action to take.

The 2 pictures below best describe my dream summer garden. I need the garden to be pretty and functional to suit my family’s needs.


This garden here is garden goals. I love the pink flowers a lot. It definitely looks cared for and it is super pretty.



The slide caught my eye. This would make my 2 kiddies very happy, and hopefully keep them busy for a good amount of time.

I would want my ideal garden to have a child friendly surface, pretty flowers like the pink beauty in the picture above, a shade with some chairs and some space for child fun activities. We have quite a large shed in the garden already, but I am hoping the space we have left can still do the work.

Do you have any summer garden plans? How do you keep the kids entertained in the garden? Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by.


*Collaborative post.



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