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The Style Icon for the month is the stylish Dame Lesley Lawson aka Twiggy. This fashion guru has been in the limelight since the 60s and she is still very much a busy bee. She started modelling from the tender age of 16 in 1966, and still models even though she is now in her 70s. She has designed a clothing collection for Marks & Spencer and the collection is so stylish. Twiggy still has her style game on and looks amazing for her age. I am a huge fan of her personal style. I would love to look as good as she does in my 70s. She always looks so well put together. Apart form modelling, Twiggy is also an actress and a singer. She released an album, Romantically Yours, in 2011.

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In her modelling days, Twiggy was known for her long, false eyelashes, exaggerated eye makeup, and close, cropped hairstyle. The London-based model had a distinct look and it worked really for her. She was one of the big supermodels back in the 60s. I always love seeing her modelling pictures. She always looks so good. This picture below is one of my favourite shots of her in her young days. She has the most beautiful facial features ever!

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Twiggy’s personal style is still right up my street. She has a very feminine elegant style and it works great for her. You can easily catch Twiggy wearing stunning dresses and skirts. Here is a brief quote from an interview she had sometime ago about her clothing collection for Marks & Spencer –

I wanted to design clothes that are stylish, easy and comfortable to wear. 

I’m very into tailored jackets, so there is a navy one with a red trim that you can pair with trousers with a thin red stripe down the side, too.

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What do you think of Twiggy as a Style Icon?



How Do You Land a Job In Fashion?

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Of all the industries that you can work in, none are quite as appealing as fashion. Indeed, other than working as an actress or musician, it’s probably right at the top of the list of “dream jobs” for many people. Alas, part of the charm is that it’s so elusive. While people do, of course, work in the fashion industry, there are many more people hoping to work in it than there are positions available. However, it’s not impossible! In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few key tips that’ll put you on the right path. 

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Get an Internship

You may prefer to go straight into a paid position, but take it from us: it’s recommended that you do an internship, for various reasons. For starters, you’ll get an insight into a higher level of the industry than you would if you had an entry-level position. Those jobs are important, but it’s best to see what the world at the top of the chain is like too. You’ll also get to try your hand at many more tasks than you would as an employee of a business. So get writing, and see which companies will offer you one. 

Look at Smaller Companies

You might be looking to work at one of the huge fashion houses, but then, so is everyone else. While many people focus on the big names, there are plenty of smaller companies that are also doing fantastic stuff — and they also receive many fewer applications than the big names. Additionally, you’ll have more responsibilities if you’re working in a team of just a few people. They can be great places to work, especially when you’re just first getting started.

Upgrade Your Education

While fashion is creative and fun and so on, it’s also important to remember that the industry is ultimately about business. As such, another route into the fashion industry is to look at careers that you’ll know they’ll need. You’ll be more valuable to a fashion company if you hold a Master of Business Administration degree from Norwich University. If you want to work in the fashion industry but not necessarily in one of the creative positions, then look at working at ‘behind the scenes.’ You’ll still get all the cool perks of working for a fashion company!

Don’t Wait For Opportunities

If you want to work in fashion, or indeed any popular industry, then you have to learn how to hustle. Opportunities are not going to come knocking at your door. It’s up to you to get out there and find them. And when you do find them, to take advantage of them. If you take a look at the backstory of some of fashion’s most famous names, you’ll find that none of them just fell into their line of work: they were bold and brave and made things happen. So it’s recommended to get talking with people at any opportunity; you never know where it might take you in your career.

Dresses to wear to a winter wedding

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The weather has been all shades of gloomy in the whole of the UK. The winter weather is almost over but we still have a few weeks of chills to deal with. If you have a winter wedding to attend and you are not sure what to wear, you may find this post very useful. Having on a killer dress is one way to boost your confidence at a special event. There will be pictures taken to preserve the memories, so you want to ensure you are looking good. With the current craze for photo booths like what the guys have at Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth and social media, your pictures will be everywhere! You don’t want to look at the pictures in future and hate how you were dressed.

Here are some stylish ideas for dresses to wear to winter wedding.

Dorothy Perkins – Pink Natalie Maxi Dress


dresses to wear to a winter wedding image


This is a lovely dress to wear to a winter wedding. I really like the light pink colour. It is such a beautiful piece. The sating waist band is a lovely addition to this dress. It would look amazing paired with a nice pair of silver sandals like the pair the model has on.


Phase Eight – Mineral Brandie Lace Bodice Chiffon Dress


Phase Eight - Mineral Brandie Lace Bodice Chiffon Dress picture


This lovely chiffon dress by Phase Eight is definitely one of my favourite dresses at the moment. Like many of Phase Eight’s dresses, this piece is well designed and would work great as a dress to wear to a winter wedding. The light blue colour is a beauty, the sheer sleeve detail is lovely and the lace bodice looks fabulous.


Quiz – Petite Pink Embroidered Dip Hem Dress


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I am a huge fan of Quiz dresses. They are super chic and always so stylish. This lovely pink embroidered dip hem dress is no exception. I am petite, so I love when brands make dresses perfect for my body shape. The v neck and embroidered design looks great. This Quiz dress is definitely a show stopper!


Little Mistress – Navy Sonja Navy Embellished One-Shoulder Maxi Dress


winter wedding dresses image


This one-shoulder navy dress by Little Mistress is another fabulous piece to wear to a winter wedding this season. It would look fantastic paired with silver sandals and accessories. The asymmetric neckline is my favourite part of the dress. It is well designed and stands out from other dresses. Plus the navy blue shade is one of my favourite shades of blue.


Paper Dolls – Blue Caletta Cobalt Lace Check Pephem Belted Midi Dress


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This cobalt blue dress by Paper Dolls is another fashionable dress to wear to a winter wedding. The calf-length fitted dress has a fantastic shape and design. The mixed floral and check lace with lace-trim finish shows a lot of attention went into designing this gorgeous piece.


What do you think of these dresses to wear to a winter wedding? Did any catch your eye? Please drop a comment in the comments section and thank you for reading.



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