Famous actors and their suits

I like seeing a man in a smart well-tailored suit – there is nothing quite like it. However, choosing a good suit can be very tricky. You have to get the measurements right or you may end up looking like you borrowed the suit from your big brother! With that in mind, the next time you need to go shopping for a new elegant suit, have these famous actors and their suits on your mind…


Daniel Craig Filming Spectre

Daniel Craig Spectre Suit Image


Now this beauty over here is what I call a suit! It fits like a glove and looks amazing on him. But then again, I wasn’t expecting anything less from Daniel Craig. When you are James Bond, you have fashion stylists and designers working around the clock to ensure you look the part. And he does certainly look the part in this elegant suit right here.


Ryan Gosling Filming Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling Suit Image


I am a huge fan of Ryan Gosling’s style and his movies are usually epic. He wore this lovely looking suit while filming Crazy Stupid Love, and I love everything about the suit. The maroon colour is right up my street! I love how sharp it looks. I can see many blokes being inspired by this piece. It is such a beautiful suit.


Will Smith Filming Men in Black

Will Smith Men in Black Suit Image


We can’t talk about actors and their suits and not mention Will Smith’s fabulous looking black suit in Men in Black. This black suit is so stylish. I love the tailoring and I love how it looks on him. This famous black suit and tie ensemble is one of the safest ways to look good in a suit. It is almost impossible to get this look wrong.


Brad Pitt Filming Inglourious Basterds (Photocall)

Brad Pitt Suit Image

Brad Pitt is a true style icon, and only true style icons with the right dose of confidence and carriage can look this good in a 2-piece pale pink suit. I am in love with this look. I think he pulled it off beautifully. But then again, it is Brad Pitt, and he can look good in pretty much anything!


Kevin Spacey Filming House of Cards



If you watch series on Netflix regularly, then you would have come across Kevin Spacey, as Frank Underwood in House of Cards. And you must have noticed Frank Underwood’s impeccable style. I love his suits, and this suit right here is one of my favourites.


Fielding & Nicholson Image


These men are some of the most stylish actors in Hollywood. They wear their suits, their suits do not wear them. I see many men walking around in suits that are look too long, too baggy, or ill-fitted, and it makes me wonder why they go for suits that do not look good on them. If you are inspired by these stylish actors and their suits, and want to step up your style game by shopping around for some good-looking suits, check out Fielding & Nicholson for stylish bespoke and made to measure suits. Fielding & Nicholson suits are made to the highest quality, and they offer customers a personalised service.

What are your thoughts on these suits? How will you describe a good-looking suit?


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Best Dressed Men 2013

The 19th-century American firebrand preacher Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Here are the best dressed men for the year 2013. All eyes are on them.

1. Tinie Tempah:


Picture Source: wardrobemag.com

2. Robert Pattinson:

Robert Pattinson

Picture Source: Getty Images

3. Tom Hardy:

Tom Hardy

Picture Source: Getty Images

4. Daniel Craig:

Daniel Craig

Picture Source: Rex Features

5.David Beckham:


Picture Source: Rex Features

6. Idris Elba:

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2011 - Inside Arrivals

Picture Source: nonamos.com

7. Bradley Cooper:

Bradley Cooper

Picture Source: peoplestylewatch.com

8. Tom Cruise:

84th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Picture Source: observer.com

9. Christian Bale:

Christian Bale

Picture Source: gq.com

10. Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp

Picture Source: Glamourmagazine.co.uk

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