Outfit Post: Are we fashion victims?

Hey Fashionandstylepolice Lovers! Who are fashion victims I hear you ask? A fashion victim is anyone who is at the mercy of fashion trends and who has no style boundaries. You are a fashion victim, if you buy everything you see on sale just because it is half price, regardless of whatever it would suit your body shape or complement your existing wardrobe. Many years ago, I thought  fashion victims were those men and women, working extremely long hours in factories, for very little wages. Now I know Fashion victims are everywhere and more and more people are victims of fashion and style.


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I was once a victim of fashion, drowning in the fashion fads and struggling to keep up with every fashion trend. I am thankful that is no longer my story. Fashion trends are simply that. I shop for what suits my personal style and what I need, not what the fashion gurus tell me I need. The way I see it, fashion trends are for informative purposes only. They sometimes inspire me but they do not control me and it feels great to be able to shop for what I really want.


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I got this lovely sparkly sweater some days ago. It is a new addition to my wardrobe and I am loving it. I love how easy it is to style it up or down. The blue jeans is also a new wardrobe addition to my jeans collection. I love the colour and it suits like a glove! A woman can never have too many pairs of jeans. It is one piece I am forever wearing, season after season.  Are you jeans lover?


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Sparkly Sweater – Next Clothing

Blue Molly Jeans – River Island

Grey Boots – Kurt Geiger

Purple Bag – Michael Kors

Black Hat – Next Clothing


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The Fashion Victims

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Who are Fashion Victims? Read this and find out…..


Most of the clothes we pick up from the high street and luxury stores, are manufactured in Asia. Even most of the clothing labels that claim to be made in the UK, are actually manufactured in Asia. It could be a final piece added to the clothes, like a zip for example, that could warrant a ‘made in the UK’ label.

The whole idea behind manufacturing clothes in Asia factories, is to keep the costs as low as possible, and to achieve the highest profits possible. Bangladesh factories attract a lot of clothing companies, could be because of the $38 monthly wage, and the lack of adequate health and safety regulations.

Most of these factory workers are women like me, working extremely long hours, in overcrowded factories with substandard facilities for a very low wage. 95% of UK bloggers won’t accept $38 for a sponsored post, but yet these women and men, work very long and hard, for little compensation in return. I know $38 can do a lot more in Asia than in this part of the world, but still, it is too little, compared to the profits these clothing companies make on a yearly basis.

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In the news, we keep reading about various preventable factory fires, killing thousands of these workers, and yet some of these factories are still operating in dangerous working conditions. The fashion companies are not doing enough to make sure the working conditions in the factories are safe, or are they turning a blind eye?

Well, someone needs to take responsibility for the voiceless fashion victims. For the women and people who have no choice but work in these factories to sustain themselves and their families. Someone needs to take responsibility, the fashion companies need to take responsibilities for their ’employees’. We as consumers, need to take responsibility for our purchases.

I try not to shop in stores, famous for using such factories, but some of us do not have a choice, because some of these stores sell their pieces dead cheap, and for those on a tight budget, they can’t be bothered with the whole politics of factory workers. It seems too far away for some of us to care, but I do care.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think of the working conditions of these factory workers when you shop? I need to know. Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.


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