Careers in Fitness that Pay Well

I am all about living your life to the fullest and following your passion when it comes to a career. Show me a very happy person, and I can bet the person has a great career. Life and work go hand in hand, and that is why I always write about freelance/self-employed topics and share my freelance experience, because I truly love what I do, so I can’t help myself. I also write about them so often because I hope they would inspire someone out there to pursue their dreams and not give up without a fight.

There are so many careers that interest a wide range of people and pay well, but today, I am going to focus on Careers in Fitness that pay well because the fitness industry is currently booming.


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A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is one of the most popular career choices in the health and fitness industry, and I am not surprised. Personal trainers are in demand now more than ever. Back in the day, only the rich and famous could afford the luxury of having a personal trainer, but that is no longer the case. We the common people can now afford a personal trainer if needed because there are various affordable packages now available privately and in gyms.

A personal trainer has the ability to earn up to £60,000 a year, thanks to the current demand. I guess that explains why many people are now interested in studying Personal Trainer Courses. The potential financial rewards, the easiness of self-employment and the job satisfaction that can be had, make it a popular career choice.



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Aerobatic Instructors

An aerobics instructor, also known as an exercise to music instructor, delivers group exercise classes that are performed to music. This career choice is an excellent starting point in the fitness industry, with the pay range being between £25 and £50 per hour, depending on experience, establishments they teach in and how many participants are in their classes or what time of day the classes are.



According to the National Careers Service, a Nutritionist use the scientific knowledge of food to give information and advice about the effects of diet and nutrition on health and wellbeing. They usually hand in hand with the fitness trainer, in the fitness industry.  A Nutritionist has the ability to earn up to £50,000 a year.


Have you ever thought of any of these careers or other careers in fitness? Have you ever employed a Personal Trainer, Aerobatic Instructor or a Nutritionist?


*Collaborative post.

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