How to Manage a Combination Skin

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The trick to effectively managing a combination skin lies in understanding what exactly combination skin is. Just like all skin care routines, using the right products at the right time, in the right way can do wonders for your skin. I have a combination skin so I know how much time I spend in making sure I take care of my it.

The first step in taking extra care of your skin and this starts with knowing your skin type. Once you know your skin, you are 1 step closer to knowing how best to take care of it.
Before I go into how you can manage your combination skin, here’s how you can identify if you have combination skin. A person is said to have combination skin when you have two or more skin types on your skin. Usually it’s a combination of dry skin and oily skin. Here’s a little test: Take a tissue and press it on your face for a few minutes, then have a look at the tissue. Do you see oil marks? Where are they? If the oil marks are on your T-zone (that’s your forehead, nose and chin) and not on your cheek area, then you have combination skin. Those with a combination skin have dry or flaky skin on their cheeks while their T-zone is oily.
Now to managing a combination skin. Taking care of combination skin is like taking care of two different skin types at the same time. You need to be consistent with your skin care regime and apply it day and night. I have a reviewed a few products I use for my combination skin, like the No 7 Quick Thinking Wipes and Boots Oil-Abosrbing Sheets. Here are some of my skincare tips:

Cleansing your face
Ensure you cleanse your skin using an effective face cleanser for a combination skin.  If you have sensitive skin, go for products that are gentle and are specifically made for sensitive skin.
Tone your skin
Applying a toner on your skin helps remove leftover cleanser from your face and close your open pores. Just like your cleanser, ensure your toner is for the combination skin. There are so many effective cleansers available now so shop around for the best product for your skin. To enjoy additional benefits of toning, go for toners that have anti-inflammatory properties to fight against acne and antioxidants to aid skin repair.

Moisturize your skin
Moisturizing is an important part of your skin care regime especially for the drier parts of your face that need more moisture. Go for a moisturizer that moisturizes dry areas while it controls oily shine. A good mosituriser for a combination skin will moisturise the skin and absorb excess oil.
Exfoliate at least once a week
Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and brings out new and healthy-looking skin. It’s not advisable to do this everyday. Two or three times a week is OK. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliate once a week to prevent irritation. I exfoliate once a week.


So these are my skincare tips for my combination skin. Do you have a combination skin? How do you manage it? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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