Quiet Girls Can Rule the World



As an introvert, I have had to deal with a lot of misconceptions.We quiet girls are constantly misunderstood. Society sees us as not sociable, shy, snobbish, proud and distant. If you’re an introvert, then I’m sure you have been there, and you know what I am on about. It can be frustrating when people immediately judge you as being someone you are not.

However being an introvert has more pros than cons. Our introverted nature gives us the opportunity to do more observing, listening and thinking than we do talking, which is great. It leaves us the chance to implement what we know because we are not distracted by the activities in the world.

We introverts are amazing people. Here some reasons why we are so amazing –

Introverts are capable of focusing for longer periods of time
As an introvert, you have greater power of concentration and with concentration comes the ability to quickly and efficiently complete whatever task you’re focused on. That is why we introverts are seen as people who can get things done. We are not easily distracted.

Introverts think things through before they act or speak
Introverts don’t make rash decisions. Everything we do is done after careful thought. We hardly do things at a whim. This makes us capable of looking at circumstances objectively.
Introverts are self-reflective
Since we spend a lot of time on their own, we tend to think through events that took place in our lives and how we reacted to them. Regular self-assessment helps us identify areas that need correction. This makes us great learners. This helps with their overall self-development.
Introverts are great at building and maintaining relationships
Introverts value deep heart-to-heart connections and hardly have the patience for surface level communication. This is totally contrary to people’s general perception of introverts as those who don’t like interacting with others. In fact, introverts have great need and respect for intimacy in relationships. Our ability to think before speaking makes us have meaningful conversations with others. We are some of the nicest people to be around.
Introverts are great listeners
Don’t be deceived by the quiet nature of introverts. Introverts are great listeners and great listeners acquire a lot of knowledge from people around them. Our great listening ability makes us great leaders, and great leaders can rule the world!
We introverts have amazing skills that you have set us apart from others. And our uniqueness is our strength.

Are you an introvert?

The Personality Perfect Match App



I have always been interested in various personalities and why certain people behave the way they do. I have read various books and articles on personalities, and taken many personality tests but no result has ever been as accurate as the PersonalityMatch app result. I was introduced to this free app some days ago. I was eager to discover my personality result, and match my results with friends and family, so I installed it on my iPhone immediately. It was quick and easy to install. I didn’t have to create a separate account as it recognised my Facebook details, which was fab. I also found the interface very user-friendly and straight forward, which was a plus.

Once the app was installed, I answered a few behavioral questions in less than 5 minutes, and I got my result instantly. The result is what you can see below.



I am INTJ – The Mastermind – Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.

I agree with this personality test result 100%. I think it is super accurate. I have never had a personality test this accurate before and I have taken many tests. I have always been an introvert for as long as I can remember. I am so very into myself and enjoy my company a little too much. I am quite reserved, which some people find as snobbish or shy, I am neither of them. I just find socializing in large groups draining, so I need my alone time to regroup and recharge. And it shocks me how many people find this part of me very difficult to understand.

I am very future oriented. I do a lot of planning and I like to think of how things will affect my life and that of my family in the future. I rarely think of the present. I do value knowledge and efficiency a lot. I dislike seeing people not good at their jobs or getting their life together. It is a major turn off for me.

I have very high standards of performance. I always aim high and I push myself to exceed expectations every time, sometimes I push myself a bit too much.

I have strong intuitions. In my 29 years on earth, my intuitions are yet to fail me. I am always right about people and situations, and that is the main reason why I keep my circle very small. I have gone through and had to deal with a lot in my life, so keeping my circle small does help.

Overall, I cannot recommend this Personality Perfect app enough. You should try it out for yourself and see how accurate it is. Once you get your results, you can invite friends and family through Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Email or just send them a link. And then you can match your results, and see how compatible you are.

This added feature is really great for couples because you get to see how compatible you are in general. You get a percentage score and you also get a comprehensive 2 part report that explains your matched results in detail. This Personality Perfect app can help couples who are finding it tough to relate or understand each other. The report explains your weakness and your strengths, so you can compare and start to understand each other’s shortcomings because we all have them.

I have matched my result already with a family member, and I am looking forward to matching it with my other loved ones. I am really enjoying playing around with this app.

What are your thoughts on this app? Have you tried anything like it? Drop me a comment in the comment section below, lets chat.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.

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