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If you think balancing blogging and your full-time job is impossible, then you’re wrong. You can do both at the same time successfully. I worked and blogged at the same time when I first set up Fashion and Style Police. I had a customer service job in Manchester which I hated. I had to commute for over 4 hours to and fro work, on the slowest, most unreliable train service ever. So trust me when I say my job experience was not pleasant. Apart from the commuting, I hated the job itself. It was an office job and all, but it was not for me at all. It was killing my creative mind slowly so blogging became an outlet for me. But I won’t deny the fact that it was a lot of work, running a blog and having a full-time job.  I had to plan and organise every aspect of the blog to get things going.
From my experience, if you love writing, have a good plan and the right mindset, you can achieve this easily. In the beginning it may be a bit tricky but you will adjust to it in no time. The trick is to use every minute you have efficiently and stay focused. You can blog and work full-time by:

Assessing your daily activities
Observe your daily routine. Write it out in a journal if you have to, so you have a clear perspective of all your daily activities. Next to each activity write down an estimate of how much time you spend on it.  It doesn’t have to be exact; a rough estimate will do.
You’ll be able to see how much time goes for non-productive tasks like watching TV, chatting on Whatsapp, or going on social media.  You can use that time for writing your blog posts, editing pictures, scheduling tweets, sharing your content on social media, or whatever you need to do for your blog.
You can also use time spent commuting to reply your blog comments, read and comment on other blogs, send emails and connect with your readers.
Being creative with time
If you want to balance blogging with your full-time job, you don’t only need to make use of already existing free time but you also have to create time. Waking up an hour early gives you a head start for the day. Use that extra hour to work on your blog. If you are focused, that one hour is enough to do a good amount of work on your blog because you likely won’t have any distraction. In addition to that, make use of your lunch time. Let’s be honest: no one uses one hour to eat lunch. Share your lunch time with your blogging activities.

Planning your blog posts
If you have your blog post ideas ready, it saves you time spent thinking of them. Have a notebook or a handy app to take note of post ideas, especially those that crop up at weird times. Writing an outline for those ideas even if it’s a sketchy one helps. Have an editorial calendar where you write down which blog post you should work on. The idea behind this is that as soon as you have free time, you can start work immediately.

Scheduling blog and social media posts
Automation is your best friend. Automating your posts allows you to have your content up automatically. Scheduling your tweets in advance helps get your tweets out when you want them. Make it a habit to create content in advance and schedule them. This will help you save and utilize your time effectively.

Do you blog and work full-time? How do you balance them both?


The Personality Perfect Match App



I have always been interested in various personalities and why certain people behave the way they do. I have read various books and articles on personalities, and taken many personality tests but no result has ever been as accurate as the PersonalityMatch app result. I was introduced to this free app some days ago. I was eager to discover my personality result, and match my results with friends and family, so I installed it on my iPhone immediately. It was quick and easy to install. I didn’t have to create a separate account as it recognised my Facebook details, which was fab. I also found the interface very user-friendly and straight forward, which was a plus.

Once the app was installed, I answered a few behavioral questions in less than 5 minutes, and I got my result instantly. The result is what you can see below.



I am INTJ – The Mastermind – Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.

I agree with this personality test result 100%. I think it is super accurate. I have never had a personality test this accurate before and I have taken many tests. I have always been an introvert for as long as I can remember. I am so very into myself and enjoy my company a little too much. I am quite reserved, which some people find as snobbish or shy, I am neither of them. I just find socializing in large groups draining, so I need my alone time to regroup and recharge. And it shocks me how many people find this part of me very difficult to understand.

I am very future oriented. I do a lot of planning and I like to think of how things will affect my life and that of my family in the future. I rarely think of the present. I do value knowledge and efficiency a lot. I dislike seeing people not good at their jobs or getting their life together. It is a major turn off for me.

I have very high standards of performance. I always aim high and I push myself to exceed expectations every time, sometimes I push myself a bit too much.

I have strong intuitions. In my 29 years on earth, my intuitions are yet to fail me. I am always right about people and situations, and that is the main reason why I keep my circle very small. I have gone through and had to deal with a lot in my life, so keeping my circle small does help.

Overall, I cannot recommend this Personality Perfect app enough. You should try it out for yourself and see how accurate it is. Once you get your results, you can invite friends and family through Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Email or just send them a link. And then you can match your results, and see how compatible you are.

This added feature is really great for couples because you get to see how compatible you are in general. You get a percentage score and you also get a comprehensive 2 part report that explains your matched results in detail. This Personality Perfect app can help couples who are finding it tough to relate or understand each other. The report explains your weakness and your strengths, so you can compare and start to understand each other’s shortcomings because we all have them.

I have matched my result already with a family member, and I am looking forward to matching it with my other loved ones. I am really enjoying playing around with this app.

What are your thoughts on this app? Have you tried anything like it? Drop me a comment in the comment section below, lets chat.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.

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