My Laser Hair Removal Journey: The Second Session

So if you a regular reader of Fashion and Style Police (and if not, why aren’t you?), you would know all about my issue with some of my body hairs as well as my Laser Hair Removal Journey  with Laser Chic Manchester. Well, I had my second session some days ago, after the normal 4-6 weeks wait, and it went so well.

It was as quick as my first session, if not quicker, I was done in about 10 minutes. I guess it was quicker because there was less hair to ‘laser’ off. I didn’t have to shave in between sessions as the hairs did not grow back at all which was great. I didn’t expect the treatment to be that effective from just 1 session, so it was a pleasant surprise. My chin has never felt so smooth.

The second session was not only quick, but pain-free just like the first. It just felt like a sting, I didn’t need any form of pain relief before or after the treatment, and I went about my Christmas shopping once I was done. I only had to apply the Janssen Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Complex after the treatment. This ointment is just to ensure the treatment area is not irritated, and I also have one at home to use just incase the need arises.

Laser Chic Didsbury ManchesterLaser Treatment

I am so happy with the treatment, I have had no issues whatsoever. The guys at Laser Chic always go above and beyond with their excellent service. The atmosphere is light and friendly, you are sure to feel comfortable at the clinic.  All my questions are always answered (no matter how stupid they sound), and I feel comfortable putting my chin in their hands really.

My next session would be in January 2016, so look out for the post. I am so excited and I am looking forward to when my chin would be completely hair-free. Even if I may have to have yearly top-ups, I rather have that, than having to thread or wax every 4 weeks.

I think most people find the whole laser thing new and scary, as new is always scary at first. Well, there is absolutely nothing to be scared off. As long as you are in the right hands, you would be fine, and trust me, it is worth it.

Would you consider ever having a laser hair removal treatment? If yes, what part of your body would you like treated? Share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


*I received the treatment in exchange for a review but all words are MINE.

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