5 Things To Do In Dubai

UAE Holiday

If you read my previous Lifestyle Post, you would know I am holiday-sick. I guess that is why this post is dedicated to my holiday in Dubai, my best holiday till date.

A Day In Dubai

I visited Dubai awhile ago and I am really looking forward to visiting again. It has been the best holiday I have ever had in my life. From the 1st class service from the Qatar crew, to the beautiful room and fantastic service at the Four Points Sheraton hotel, and then the lovely tourist attractions. Our 10 day stay was AMAZING.


Dubai is a holiday destination like no other. The city comes alive with the hustle and bustle, beautiful beaches and fascinating local culture. It can serve as a great family destination, a romantic escape or a girls holiday, there is something for everyone. No wonder it is the number 1 tourist attraction in the world. There is no dull moment in Dubai, there is always something to do.

Dubai Holiday

If I had another day in Dubai, this is how I will spend it:

Go On A Bus Tour


We went on a bus tour with Big Bus Tour and we explored the entire of Dubai, stopping at attractions we were interested in exploring, and getting back on the bus at allocated bus stops. It was a whole day of touring and it was so much fun.

Visit the Safari Desert

Dubai Dessert

Belly Dancer


We visited the Safari Desert and we will definitely visit it again. The crazy ride to and fro was fun, we were screaming all through. The belly dancer was a great entertainer, she kept us transfixed with her flexible moves. The food was great, a lot better than I expected and I even had a ‘lali’ design done.

Safari Dessert Dubai


Visit A Souk

Gold Souk

I will love to visit a souk again, even if it is just to have a feel of the traditional market and feed my eyes. Make sure you haggle to get best prices for gold, textiles and spices. you are sure to find cool bargains in a souk.

Go To Dubai Museum

Dubai Museam

I love discovering various cultures and part of what I wanted to do while on holiday in Dubai, was to learn more about their history and culture. I will be visiting the museum again to refresh my mind.

Visit Atlantis, The Palm Resort

Lost Chambers

I saved the best for last. Even if I don’t do any of the above, I MUST visit Atlantis, The Palm Resort again. This resort houses various heart pumping water slides like Leap of Faith, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, filled with sharks, eels and seahorses, which is a beauty to behold, and lots fun.

If I could have one wish, it would be to spend another day in Dubai. If you want a holiday destination with plenty of sunshine and fun, I urge you to book a holiday to Dubai with Travelbag.

Have you visited Dubai? Do you have any holidays booked for this year? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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*This is a collaborative post.

Parenthood: The Expensive Journey

I know this post has nothing to do with fashion or style or beauty, but it has to do with my life and every now and again, I will be posting Lifestyle Articles on Fashion and Style Police, I will try not to dilute the brand too much, but I will be posting relevant lifestyle posts just to keep things real so please hang in there with me.

Grab a cuppa, today’s post is a long one….

30 Before 30 Tag

For those who do not know, the true costs of being a parent starts as soon as the egg meets sperm; long before the baby actually arrives. An expectant mum will need to eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water, take the right vitamins and wear the right outfits in order to have a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. I remember being pregnant with my twins, and taking my Folic Acid religiously every day for the duration of my pregnancy, buying a couple of maternity wear outfits (more like oversize regular pieces to be honest) and making sure I had a balanced diet and drank enough water. For someone who doesn’t drinking water much, it doesn’t taste like Coke does it?, I drank a lot of water while I was pregnant, my body just told me what I needed to do and I did it.


Then came the costs of buying baby essentials like the cot, pram, nappies, wipes, clothes, toys, comfort milk (if you have fussy, colic prone babies like mine) and all the other necessary stuff. The list never ends and if you have crazy cravings like I had which were Chinese food and Burger King’s chips, you will be spending a small fortune on food alone. I ate like a horse all through my pregnancy, it is a miracle I lost all the baby weight. I still don’t know how that happened.


We spent quite a lot of money before our twins actually arrived and now that they are here, we are am still spending. The spending actually never ever stops does it? A recent study revealed it costs £230,000 to raise a child to the age of 21, with the bulk of costs going on childcare and education. The research also showed that in order for baby to arrive having been provided with all the right vitamins and foods, and for his or her first weeks to be safe, comfortable and tastefully decorated, parents could spend almost £4,750. Now that is a lot of money.


Most of us cannot afford to cough out £4,750 so here are some ways to cut costs during pregnancy and the first few months after birth:

  1. Smart Shopping

You can get good deals on majority of what you need on online second-hand shops like eBay. Buying in bulk is also a smart way of shopping; you can get good deals on nappies and wipes on sites like Amazon and stores like Costco and other supermarkets.

  1. Breastfeeding

This is the cheapest and healthiest way to feed your baby in the first 6 months. It is super convenient, no need for sterilizing, bottles or teats. You save a fortune breastfeeding as an average pack of formula milk could cost about £9.99, and then you have the sterilizing equipment, baby bottles and teats to avoid buying as well.

  1. Resist the urge to splash out

I know how difficult it is to resist the urge to splash out on your little one once you are expecting but you need to fight the urge. Avoid going into shops, and shop online from the comfort of your home. This way you don’t get carried away with all the baby equipment and cute outfits arranged in a perfect order to get you to spend more than your budget.

I will advise you to buy as few clothing items as possible because your baby will likely be spoilt rotten with gifts from family and friends. So it is a good idea to get few items and wait until you have received all the baby gifts and then buy what you are lacking. Also, remember babies grow really quickly, so most of the outfits will be worn less than 10 times if you hardly leave the house in the first few months.


4. Nappies

When I gave birth, I used Pampers nappies all day and night because I didn’t know any better. After some months, I realised I could save money using cheaper supermarket branded nappies during day and Pampers nappies at night. I wish I knew this from day 1. I would have saved a fortune. Don’t make the same mistake I made.

5. Folic Acid

Folic Acid is a B vitamin and it is very important for the development of a healthy foetus. All pregnant women are advised to take Folic Acid for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy but I took my supplement all through my pregnancy because I felt more comfortable doing so. If you are like me, and you want a pregnancy supplement for the duration of your pregnancy, it is best to go for a drug store or a supermarket branded pack. They all contain similar ingredients and you can save a bit of money going for these cheaper brands.

Those are my tried and tested tips, they will help you save money during pregnancy and beyond. No matter how expensive being a parent is, I won’t change anything. Children are the greatest blessings anyone could ever ask for, and I love my busy bees too much.

Do you have any tips to share? Do you enjoy reading lifestyle posts? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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