Guide to Holiday Packing

*I was recently commissioned by Simply Beach to give my thoughts on the following topic.


Holiday packing can be very stressful, but good planning makes it a lot easier. I like to take my time when packing for a holiday. I usually pack for 3, so I have to make sure I pack all the important stuff. Packing for kids can be tricky as they usually need extra clothing, snacks, toiletries and entertainment. Forgetting a pair of pyjamas or shoes can mess up the entire holiday, which is why I make use these tips when holiday packing –


Road trip Picture


Set the scene

When it comes to packing for a holiday, I like to set the scene. In other to pack quickly and properly, I take note of the number of days we are going away. Next I lay down all the clothes and shoes I will be taking for each person. That way I can quickly see if any important item is missing. Laying all the items down also allows me see if I have packed more or less than we need for the trip.


Pack for the type of holiday you are going to have

When it comes to packing for a holiday, I pack for the trip depending on the sort of holiday we are going to have. Lighter pieces and accessories for a summery weather or warmer clothing for a chilly weather. If we are visiting a warmer city like Dubai for example, I make sure we have our sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, swimsuits, sandals and other light clothing packed and ready to go. It makes sense to check the weather forecast for the city you will be visiting so you have a good idea of how the weather would be like during your holiday.

I am hoping we have a summer vacation this year, and I have my eye on some stunning designer swim and beachwear by Simply Beach. The brand stocks some lovely looking swimwear. I currently have my eye on a couple of pieces on the website and can see myself grabbing them soon. If you are after fabulous designer swimsuits and beachwear, you need to check out Simply Beach. I bet you would be spoilt for choice.


Swimwear Essentials Picture



Have a theme

I always like to pack with a theme in mind. That way I ensure we can mix and match various pieces and accessories together. It is like having a capsule suitcase with you on holiday. Having a theme saves you packing more items, which save your packing space and washing when you get back.


Crossbody bag

Go with at least 1 crossbody bag. This will free up your hands for when you need it, especially with little ones. It also helps you secure your valuable when out and about in a foreign place. Crossbody bags are a lot more practical than shoulder bags while on holiday. Also, make sure you get rid of any recipes in your purse that you won’t be needing on your holiday. You can also keep bank cards and other valuables at home while going on vacation. That way you keep your purse contents low, and easy to carry in your crossbody bag.


Bag them up and steam clean

Keep your underwear separate in lingerie bags and shoes in shoe bags to keep your box neat and organised. You can steam clean any rumpled clothing in the bathroom whole having a shower. Just hang them in the bathroom for a few minutes while showering. The steam will get rid of the creases.



Put some clothes and underwear in your hand luggage

You should put some clothes, underwear and other essentials in your hand luggage incase your suitcase goes missing. Good to have a change of clothes just incase, you never know.


What do you think of these tips? Do you have any holiday packing tips to share?


November Outfits 2016

November has been a very busy month for me. It is an extremely busy time of the year, with the end of the year rush and all. So I kind of slacked on the outfits bit. And I can see myself slacking even more in December. I doubt I would even have an actual outfit post to publish in December but let’s wait and see.

Here is a quick recap of November’s outfits.


Autumn Winter Basics



This is really not an outfit post but it turned out to be one, so here it goes.

This post was all about showing off these Simply Beach loungewear pieces. But then it became a casual outfit post in a way.  I love the Simpy Beach pieces. They are so comfy and cosy; great for the very chilly weather we are experiencing at the moment. It is currently freezing here, so the poncho is so handy.


OOTD: Something Blue




This outfit post is the only real outfit post for November, so I came all out wearing shades of my blue (my favourite colour). This outfit post has been viewed so many times already, so I guess my readers loved this outfit as much as I did. I had on a Quiz Clothing blue dress, a Ted Baker coat, Kurt Geiger shoes, George clutch and Swarovski sunnies.

I enjoyed styling this look. I found it very easy to style and I can see myself wearing this entire outfit again.


Fingers crossed, I am hoping to get back into the outfit swing of things by January, so wish me luck. I may have a few outfit posts published in December, but it is not looking likely,


What do you think of these looks? Do sound off in the comment section below, let’s chat. I respond to every comment.


Thanks for reading and commenting.


Autumn Winter Basics



I am a big fan of stylish and comfy loungewear. I usually spend many days wearing them, especially in the autumn and winter season, so I like to pay special attention to the loungewear pieces I go for, to ensure they keep me warm and look good.  Here, I am rocking some amazing loungewear pieces from Simply Undies, the sister store of Simply Beach. For those who have never heard of Simply Beach or Simply Undies, they are perfect spot to shop for underwear, swimwear, nightwear and loungewear. Both stores stock various designer labels, so you are certain to find the perfect pieces. I did within 10 minutes!




I went for a Fleur Long Sleeved Sweater, Sweat Pants, and Demi Fleece Dark Blue Poncho. I found the pieces very stylish and comfy. If you know me well enough, you would know how crazy in love I am with the colour navy blue. So I was naturally attracted to these pieces. The flower print design is really pretty. I like the long raglan sleeves with elasticated cuffs, and I think the poncho added an extra level of style and warmth, which is great for the chilly days and nights ahead. I can see myself wearing the life out of these pieces. I am so in love with the laid back chic look. It has my name written all over it.





I see loungwears as autumn/winter basics. I think it is necessary to stay warm and comfy during the chilly season, but not look frumpy, and I think this is where loungewear pieces like these come in. It can be hard sometimes to nail this laid back chic look but pieces like these do all the layering work for you, so you don’t have to over think, which is fab. I like to have a few of these in various styles, in my wardrobe.

I really like this Simply Undies loungewear. What do you think of this look? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a lovely day.


*Collaborative post.

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