Magic Opaque Tights That Don’t Rip

I don’t know about you, but I am forever buying new tights and leggings. It is like an endless shopping game for me. My opaque tights usually rip after a few wears. While my leggings rip after some weeks of wearing them regularly, which is a pain. Sometimes I get to only wear my tights once before it rips. Can you imagine how annoying that is? To spend a few pounds on a piece you only get to wear once.


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In my pursuit of some quality opaque tights, I came across this Magic 50 Opaque Tights by Solidea. I liked the description of the tights on their website. It sounded like what I needed, so I knew I had to give it a try. Black tights are always a necessity for me even in the spring/summer months. I like to have a few around just incase I need to wear them on a chilly day. You can never really know how the day is going go weather wise with our precious British Weather.

I really like this  Magic 50 Opaque Tights by Solidea. It is so amazing. It is definitely not your usual sort of tights. I realised that as soon as I unboxed it. It has a very firm texture that allows it hug the legs and keeping it looking toned. The patented wave fabric in the panty helps get rid excess fluids and eliminates cellulite. It also ensures all day freshness.


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The opaque tights comes in 5 sizes – small, medium, medium large, large and extra-large. I am wearing a medium. It also comes in 3 colours, Fumo, Nero and Moka. Mine is in Nero.

I don’t see this opaque tights ripping. It looks like a piece that would be around for a long time and I am sure it will be. Solidea do make great products. I still have the Karen 70 Lace Knee-High Socks by Solidea I got years ago, and it is still as good as it was on the first day. So if you are in search of opaque tights that won’t rip, you need to check out the Solidea website. There are loads of options available, so I am certain there is a piece for everyone.


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What do you think of this Magic 50 Opaque Tights by Solidea? Do you have any magic tights that just don’t rip?

Please drop a comment in the comments section below. Have a lovely day.


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OOTD: Heels & Socks Trend

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The first outfit post for this month of June is all about heels and socks. I love the fast pace world of fashion. Styles and trends move really fast, it is so exciting. I am feeling super confident this year, and going for riskier outfits. Outfits I won’t have even considered wearing before, I can’t wait to rock now. This outfit is one of them. I won’t have dreamt of rocking heels and socks in 2013, but I am loving the edgy, insane look (in a good way) in 2016. God knows what I would be loving in 2020. I hope this new adventurous side of me stays.

I love trying new styles and trends, to see if I can tweak it and make it my style. I have always wanted to try the heels and socks trend for as long as I can remember. I find the look so geeky and cool at the same time. The look actually reminds me of my high school days, with the heels and socks. It was kind of my uniform back then, but in different colours and design.

Fashion Trends 2016

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To create the heels and socks look, I went for this black Karen 70 Lace Knee-High socks by Solidea. It is knee-high, but I rolled mine down to show off some skin. This pair of socks is not just fashionable, it is also a compression socks. Very stylish, yet very effective. I have some holidays booked for the year, and I am looking forward to flying with this pair on.

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Here is what Solidea has to say about this socks:

Lace knee-high with graduated compression. The unique pattern enhances sensuality and charm for a rich and luxurious effect. Combines with a more sober look for an outfit of great class. The preventive action of 10/15 mmHg graduated compression fights heaviness and swelling in the legs and counteracts venous insufficiency without impacting the elegant appearance and incomparable aesthetics of the lace. With Sanitized® hygienic function.

Fashion & Style Trends

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The heels and socks trend is also a smart way to stay warm on days too warm to have tights on but too chilly to go without.

Excuse the picture heavy post, I got carried away……

Oasis Bag Image

Dress and Socks Trend Image

Next Dress Image

Heels and Socks Fashion



Black Floral Dress – Next

Lace Black Socks – c/o Solidea

Black Bag – Oasis

Red Court Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Sunnies – Miu Miu


What do you think of this outfit? Share your thoughts. Sound off in the comment section below.

Have a lovely day xo


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