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My kids have fallen in love with YouTube, and who would blame them. They can watch a huge variety of programs, on millions of channels, on the go. It is super convenient, and way more entertaining than watching the TV these days. They watch a lot of nursery rhymes, they know most of their favourite nursery rhymes by heart, and they have got me subscribing to all of them now, lol. Not that I am complaining though, YouTube keeps all of us very busy, and the kids are learning quite a lot from these channels as well. So it is entertaining but educative, if you get my drift….

DC Super Hero Girls Image

We recently came across the cool DC Super Hero Girls cartoon series, and my daughter has fallen in love with it. She repeats what the girls say, copies the poses and loves their costumes as well. I like to stare at her, whenever the series comes up on YouTube, her eyes light up, and I can tell she worships the ground these girls walk on.

Now I can’t complain really, because I like all what this cartoon series represents. Apart from their stylish fashion sense, this action-packed girl power cartoon series features a dynamic group of Super Heroes on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. I love how dynamic the characters are, from strong and fearless to edgy and fun; there is a character for every child. You can watch the YouTube videos, and see for yourself. I am sure you will be as intrigued as we are. Good to see super hero women every now and again, showing up for us girls, all over the world.


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Super Hero Girls



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