There Can Be Miracles When You Believe


There can be miracles when you believe! I have learnt to believe, work hard and enjoy my miracles. Fashion and Style Police and my freelance career has been all about believing, working very hard, and reaping the fruits of my labour. It has not been easy, but nothing good comes easy. As I look back and reflect on how the year 2016 has been, all I can do is smile. This year has amazing. It started off with a bang with me releasing my first book – How to Cash In as a Blogger, which is selling quite well on Amazon. The blog is growing at an alarmingly rate, and my clients keep increasing. So I am busy and happy. However this was not the case a year ago….

It was far from the case. I was running the blog at a loss, when comparing the hours I put in with the income I was receiving. I was struggling with all sorts in my real life, and my freelance career was almost non-existent, but all that changed this year. I have never been as busy as I am now, and I am blown away by the many miracles I keep receiving. I don’t want to sound like a preacher, but there is no other way to say this, My God has been good to me, but I worked my behind off for every opportunity that was given to me, and I am working twice as hard now, to achieve a lot more tomorrow than I achieved yesterday. I have come to realise dedication and hard work pays off.

OOTD Black Friday

This post is not about blowing my own trumpet or talking about income figures, but I am hoping it encourages someone out there who is struggling to set off a business, blog, or career. This post is for those working twice as hard, nights, days and weekends but seeing no results. This post is for those who are stay at home parents struggling to work from home and care for their kids at the same time. This post is for those who are about to give up on their passion because they are not reaping the fruits of their labour. It is for those struggling to believe in themselves. There can be miracles when you believe. Keep dreaming, keep living, and keep working as hard as you can. It will happen in the end, if it hasn’t happened, it is not the end yet.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week.

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