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A quick disclaimer, this post is not about any blogger in particlularly. It is a simple opinion post. I hope you enjoy the read.


Income reports have become a thing in the blogging world and I kind of get why. Many people still believe pro blogging is no job, while some find it hard to understand how bloggers make money. So I get why income reports have become so popular. And I get why some bloggers like to shout from the rooftops about how much they make. It feels so good to make a living from your dream career/job. I can still remember the feeling I got when I published my first sponsored post, or when I got my first paid freelance job. I still get that same feeling everytime a new fab opportunity lands in my inbox, so it never really goes away. Working for yourself, doing what you love is a dream, so it is worth screaming about.

I enjoy reading income report posts. I find them very informative and interesting. It is always good to read about various ways bloggers make money, and how much they actually make in a month.

I would love to read more income reports, especially from the mega big bloggers, but I doubt that would ever happen. I guess the figures would be too crazy to write down.




I would love to publish income reports. It would be a nice way to show off my figures and motivate other bloggers, it would also help me set income deadlines and keep me focused. But the cons of publishing income reports outweighs the pros massively for me, so you won’t be reading an income report post anything soon on Fashion and Style Police, and I will tell you why.



I love reading other bloggers’ income reports, but I am way too private to publish mine. I think it is just one of those things to be left offline. I won’t publish my payslip if I was working for someone else, so why should I publish my income report?


Real Life People

Privacy and real life people are my main reasons for not publishing an income report. People I know in my real life (that didn’t I play on my laptop for a living) will become too aware of my financial situation and that never helps.


Unnecessary Pressure

Publishing my monthly income reports would put unnecessary pressure on me. I have monthly goals I aim to smash every month, and that includes my finances, but putting them online is another level. I know I would be under a lot of pressure and that is pressure I don’t need.


Red Christmas Jumper


These are my reasons for not publishing income reports on Fashion and Style Police. I respect other bloggers who are bold enough to publish theirs, it is just not for me.

What are your thoughts? Do you publish or plan to income reports on your blog?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Like you I love reading these reports but would never publish one. I would like to have a group of blogger mates to talk about it each month though as I think that could be a way of pushing myself on.

  2. I wont be publishing mine either. I like to share my success but this is too private and yes..I don’t want all my friends to know my income- it’s not something you usually tell people no matter what job you have. So I’d personally not be comfortable although I can read others reports with interest.

  3. I don’t. Blogging is a hobby that pays for me, rather than a full-time job, and I’m also squeamish about talking money in general, so I don’t see the need.

  4. Great post. I love reading them too but don’t want to post them as I feel they’re quite private. I am only a part time blogger as such so I don’t do this full time so it wouldn’t be an accurate look at accounts x

  5. Very interesting read. I agree with you though, I don’t think I would feel comfortable doing it either when/if I get my blog to that point. At the same time, it is useful to know that blogging can make you money 🙂

  6. I love your reasons for not sharing your income reports. It’s a bit strange to share what we make from blogging businesses, especially if we wouldn’t post our payslips from a “day job” online. That being said, I think that it’s acceptable to post them if you are a blogging business coach.

  7. Some things in life should be private to an individual. 1 of those is your earnings. It leaves you open to jealous, malicious behaviour and spitefulness.

    The net is 1 of the worst places for this has people can do it anonymously and spread malice far and wide of which some you may never be aware of.

    I can understand the need for transparency of earnings with large companies and famous people in certain circumstances.

    I just don’t understand why unless there is a need why anyone wants to disclose their earnings. It’s leading a person wide open to abuse

  8. I think there is sometimes a lot of pressure to accept certain rates for things because other bloggers feel there should be a set minimum. I don’t think publishing income reports helps this. Everyone is different and are happy with different amounts. I won’t be publishing mine either.

  9. I personally have no issue publishing my income reports and do it every quarter. I am a part time blogger and though I wouldn’t publish my payslip for my full time job what I do online I personally choose to share it all. Yes malicious intent from some other people both online and offline will always be there but I am not one to give a never mind so honestly for me I am ok with it.
    It was nice reading your point of view.

  10. I’ve never really been a fan of income reports – I know what I earn, I don’t need other people to. I can say to someone that I would recommend charging £200 per instagram promotion once you get to 20K followers with solid engagement in order to be helpful and give a guide of what they should aiming for and how to make money – they don’t need to know how many promotions I’ve done, or how much I’ve made to have the same effect. x

  11. Well the thing is I didnt even know there was such a thing called Income blogging reports. I think its totally fine if people want to publish them or not but I have to say I began to take my blogging seriouslyu in July of this year i.e. going to a self hosted platform etc and its been super hard to find out a lot of basic info. Too hard. For e.g. when I was studying law there was a handbook that told you all you had to know- the top law firms, medium sized ones, niche etc, there were websites, there were mentions of other legal jobs you cld do apart from being a sol. or barrister…the book told you what you were likely to earn as a graduate, 1st yr lawyer etc- I wish there was the same kind of book for blogging..that was updated yearly just like the legal one was…
    For e.g. for the past few weeks I was trying to find out how much stats i.e. page views and users one needed to get before contacting brands as a low or mid or high tier blogger and it was so hard- the press talks about the hier tier bloggers stats like Blonde Salad but its v. hard to attain the stats of the people who started blogging before it became a thing and therefore wer lucky and savvy enough to get a huuuge readership…
    Anyhoo, the best you can hope for is to befriend a few bloggers and ask them the questions but that can put you in an awkward situation, anyhoo…. ( :

  12. Totally with you on this one – love reading other people’s income reports, but would never want to disclose my own. I think that letting other people know how much you earn is a little show off-y if I am honest – kind of like bragging!

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