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To blog on Blogger or WordPress? That is a question many bloggers to-be ask themselves, and even old bloggers still ask that question every now and again. So I decided to write a post telling you why I decided to go for WordPress, and why I will choose this platform again.

I started Fashion and Style Police on in 2012, and it has been the best blogging decision I ever made. I carried out an extensive research for weeks before deciding on which platform to blog on (yes it was that big a deal and I wanted to get it right first time), and I finally settled on blogging on WordPress. I believe blogging on a WordPress platform is better than on any other platform, and I will tell you why.

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I read a lot of blogs on various platforms, and I compared them to blogs on WordPress, and the difference was clear. As far as I as know, no blog is as pretty as a WordPress blog, because the platform enables you – the blogger, to design as you wish.When it comes to many things, first impression is very important, so I wanted to make sure, my blog looked like how I wanted it to be described – simple, pretty and slick, and easy to read.

Here are the features that made me decide on setting up a blog on WordPress.



There is an abundance of themes both free and premium on WordPress, so you are sure to find a couple to suit your blog. I was spoilt for choice back in 2012, and I still am. I settled for a premium theme, that cost me £99, because the theme ticked al my boxes, and I am glad I did.

I love the professional look of blogs on WordPress. I find them so cool, with a great layout. I can always tell a blogger hosted blog from a WordPress hosted blog, just by looking at it. WordPress blogs are always prettier, with a slick layout. Blogs on Blogger are stuck with very few themes, so they look basic and amateur. There isn’t much you can do with the layout as you cannot modify the themes. This is the reason why most Blogger blogs look the same.


User Friendly Dashboard

The WordPress platform has a very user-friendly dashboard. You won’t need a dummies guide, as every feature/category is laid out, and easy to navigate.

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Plugins Galore

If you decide to go self-hosted (, you will find there is an abundance of plugins for almost everything you need, which is great.



Customer service and support means a lot to me, so I had to make sure my platform provide will be available to assist if and when necessary. While I was deciding on which platform to settle for, I did some research on the level of support each platform provided, and found out the level of support Blogger provided was limited, unlike WordPress, so I went for WordPress and they are yet to fail me.

In the early days, while I was trying to sort out my WordAds, and I didn’t really know what I was doing, I got the support I needed within 24 hours, which was fantastic. There is also an active community support system, that usually provides most of the answers to many questions, so I don’t have to send an email to support.


Pretty Ads

This still balls down to appearance but then again appearance is very important to me. I find ads on Blogger/Blogspot very crowded and tacky. They usually look all over the place, unlike ads on blogs on WordPress.


So these are the main reasons why I choose WordPress over Blogger and other platforms. Do you blog on WordPress? Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comment section please.

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Thanks for reading.





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