Fashion Criminal – Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres needs no introduction. If you do not know this woman, then you should ask yourself some serious questions. She is the fashion criminal for this week and I will tell you why. We all know Ellen DeGeneres loves menswear; her outfits always exude a masculine vibe- roomy vests, white sneakers, blazers with wide lapels and the likes, but her look is so Predictable and Outdated. She needs to spice her look up a little, and go outside her comfort zone.


Ellen DeGeneres’ style can be refined by wearing well-tailored, feminine suits in colours and patterns that will suit her natural blonde colouring and body shape. I want to see her in silk and cotton blazers, flared and skinny trousers/jeans, prints, camisoles in vibrant colours like red, blue, purple and the likes. Seeing her in a maxi dress will be divine. She will look so chic, sleek, and feminine.


Ellen DeGeneres Kicks Off Duracell/Toys For Tots Initiative

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  1. Her styles are very masculine. She looks good though, she just need to realise she is feminine and dress appropriately.

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