Fashion and Style? What’s the difference..

Fashion can be easily confused with style but they are very difference. Fashion is all what is going on in the fashion industry; the  trends and what is in vogue. While style is what is going on in your wardrobe. It is your personal taste and how you mix and match your pieces/accessories to create your signature look. With this current pandemic many people are taking a break from the fashion world and working with their work from home signature pieces. If you don’t have a capsule wardrobe, you may struggle in this current time with what to wear.

One of the many beauties of having a capsule wardrobe is that you have a wardrobe that is complementary. You never run out of what to wear with a capsule wardrobe and that is how your personal style is created. With mixing and matching of different pieces and accessories, your style is born. Fashion is what you get in the stores. Style is what you do with it.

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Here are some easy ways to spot the differences between fashion and style –

Fashion is your relationship with the fashion world

Fashion is your relationship with the external. It is what you see on the fashion blogs, social media, runaway, on the high street and advertisements. Fashion is what the fashion designers give to you everyday. Fashion is very out there.

Style is your relationship with your signature look

Style is your relationship with the internal. It is what you see when you shop around. Style is your personal taste which creates your capsule wardrobe. Style is very personal.

Fashion is about them, style is you

Fashion is about everything else going on in the fashion industry outside of you, style is what is happening within you.

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The best way to look at this is understanding the fact that fashion and Style are very different but they are both needed. You can’t have one without the other and you really shouldn’t. I love my Fashion and I adore my style. They both make me who I am.

What are your thoughts?



Fashion Criminal – Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres needs no introduction. If you do not know this woman, then you should ask yourself some serious questions. She is the fashion criminal for this week and I will tell you why. We all know Ellen DeGeneres loves menswear; her outfits always exude a masculine vibe- roomy vests, white sneakers, blazers with wide lapels and the likes, but her look is so Predictable and Outdated. She needs to spice her look up a little, and go outside her comfort zone.


Ellen DeGeneres’ style can be refined by wearing well-tailored, feminine suits in colours and patterns that will suit her natural blonde colouring and body shape. I want to see her in silk and cotton blazers, flared and skinny trousers/jeans, prints, camisoles in vibrant colours like red, blue, purple and the likes. Seeing her in a maxi dress will be divine. She will look so chic, sleek, and feminine.


Ellen DeGeneres Kicks Off Duracell/Toys For Tots Initiative

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The Style Icon – Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke is the style icon for this week. He is a Nigerian actor and his fashion sense is out of this world. This man is very stylish, he has a signature style, and he looks great every time he steps out. Jim Iyke’s style has a certain attraction attached, as it makes women go weak in their knees. His rebellious look with a grungy chic style is his signature look. Jim Iyke has the confidence and the right attitude to make any outfit look smoking hot.





What do you think of his style? Sound off in the comment section pls.

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