Are You Happy With Your Teeth?

The importance of a beautiful smile cannot be over emphasized. A good set of teeth can do a lot to build up your self-esteem and a not so good set of teeth can destroy your self-esteem completely. Many people are so conscious about their teeth and it tends to affect the way they relate and interact with others, that is why having a beautiful smile should be a priority for each and every one of us.


However, research shows that most of us are genuinely unhappy with our teeth. I took a survey on recently and the results were quite shocking. The survey confirmed that 75% of us are unhappy with our smile, leaving only 25% happy with their smile. I was quite surprised to discover the huge gap between the happy and unhappy folks. I used to be part of this 75% until a few years ago. I was happy with my smile but I just wanted pearly whites and decided to get it down. I will be needing top up very soon but it was one of the best things I ever did for ME. I thank the cast of TOWIE for inspiring me to get it done. If you watch TOWIE, you will know the entire cast have perfect, pearly white teeth and I just had to have it.


I have also recently discovered the Inman Aligner; which is a removable orthodontic piece of equipment, designed to treat minor and moderate orthodontic cases, and I think it is a very discreet treatment for anyone looking to achieve a beautiful smile. It is a quick and painless method; treatement is usually completed in a matter of weeks, and it sorts out small gaps in the teeth, problems with bite, minor crowding and other issues. I think this is a great treatment for anyone struggling with their smile.

You need to take charge of your self-esteem and deal with issues affecting it. Sometimes you need to do somethings just for yourself. Your self-esteem and confidence will thank you for it, and with the so many new and painless methods now available to help achieve a beautiful smile, there is no reason to remain unhappy with your smile. I get the fact that it could be quite expensive for many but there are some things worth doing, regardless of the cost and this is one of them. You need to go out there and grab your beautiful smile. Having a beautiful smile is so stylish.

Are you happy with your smile? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading and have a crazy Friday.

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  1. Due to enjoying tea and coffee a little too much and an overbite I’m not overly happy with my smile but I’m certainly not unhappy with it. Feeling the self confidence to smile is important to me ultimately because I think smiling can be pleasantly infectious and it’s such a nice way to spread some cheer.

  2. I am definitely not happy with my teeth, pregnancy made my teeth so weak and my gums bleed and since then they have been awful. I am currently saving up to fix some problems I have. Great post!

  3. Being happy with your smile is such a confidence booster! I’ve had various treatments including invisible braces to straighten my teeth. They are still not perfect but i’m happy with them as they are now! x

  4. I was happy with my smile and my teeth until someone told me that I have a large biteback and now I can’t unsee it. So since that has affected my confidence I am thinking of going to a dentist and getting them corrected. (plus I haven’t been to a dentist for 5 years as I have been on the NHS waiting list for ages)

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