Female Body Shapes: The Athletic Woman

Princess Diana

So last week, I wrote about The Pocket Rocket Woman, so this week is all about the Athletic Woman.

The athletic woman is usually a tomboy, she has a defined, toned, V-shape silhouette, she is more slender than skinny, and has broad shoulders and slim hips. This female body shape has become quite popular since the 1980s, many women aspire to have this body shape. Late Princess Diana, Madonna, Cameron Diaz Kendall Jenner and Katharine Hepburn, rocked and are rocking this body shape, they have made women want this shape.


This athletic woman has small breasts and narrow hips so most pieces look good on her toned body shape which is why most models fall into this body shape category.

Here are the DOs and the DONTs of this female body shape:


  • Your toned shoulders and back are your greatest assets. Flaunt them.
  • Go for light tailored pieces, they suit your body shape.
  • Opt for smock style shirts with puffed sleeves to soften arms and shoulders.
  • Go for tops and dresses with high neck lines, like halter neck styles; these add inches to smaller busts.
  • Go for dresses in jersey and chiffon with patterns and floaty skirts that instantly soften angular lines, these pieces add some girliness and create curves in all the right places.
  • Opt for layered and wrap tops and dresses as they add dimension to the body and create the illusion of a waist.




  • Avoid tight, clingy pieces, they will highlight the fact that you have no waist.
  • Avoid baggy tops, unless you are rocking it with a belt or any other detailing, it may seem like the easiest solution but it will make your slender body shape look very shapeless.
  • Avoid vertical striped pieces as they hide curves.
  • Avoid wearing sky-high heels, you will appear longer.

Are you an athletic shaped woman? What do you think of this female body shape? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

30 responses

  1. Yea athletic shape is just right. I think I belong to that group. Anyways I am happy with myself irrespective of the shape lol.

  2. Love this post Stella.
    Camerons body has always been a love of mine.
    I’m pretty sure my body looked like hers in my younger day HAHA
    I guess its something that I should really think about when trying to get myself back in shape for my holiday next year.

    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  3. I’ve got to admit, I am far from athletic, I am quite curvy.
    Never realised that there would be certain clothing styles to avoid, assumed athletic types looked good in anything.
    Goes to show you can have any body type and still need to avoid something.

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