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Fitness trackers, especially Fitbits, have become very popular in the last couple of months, they seem to be flying off the shelves. It seems everyone and their nan has one on their wrists. It makes me wonder whether it is actually bought for its purpose or just because it is the coolest wrist accessory to have at the moment, but that is a topic for a blog post for another day.

I must confess, I have fallen in love with the  wearable tech trend, and who wouldn’t, it is so easy to become obsessed with the trend. I recently rocked a Fitbit as you can see in the picture above, click here if you missed the post.


A wearable device that records steps taken, calories burned, hours of sleep and the quality of sleep, distance travelled and active minutes is a great device to have. The fact that this smart device records the quality of sleep and the steps taken (two things I don’t do/have enough of) confirms how cool a gadget it is. I am not crazy about fitness, I can’t remember the last time I stepped inside a Gym but seeing all this information on screen, motivates me to get into shape and be active, and I am sure, this is the same for others, which is why they have become so popular.

I have tried various fitness trackers and none of them can be compared to a Fitbit tracker. The last one I tried was a pedometer for £2 and it was worth exactly that. It kept dropping off every time I moved, it is a miracle, it didn’t get broken or go missing, it also had to be stuck on my waist or on a belt to record steps which was impossible with some outfits so you can imagine how frustrated I was with the device. My experience with the pedometer was nothing like what I experienced with the Fitbit. I guess that is why Fitbit is the fitness tracker to have.

With the various fashion accessories designed by the likes of Tory Burch, transforming the fitness trackers to elegant devices,  I don’t see the wearable tech trend going away anytime soon. I think Fitbits and other fitness tracking devices are here to stay. Do you agree? Do you have a Fitbit tracker or any other fitness tracking device? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.


*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about picking up a Fitbit one because I feel that wearing one like a watch can be a little inconvenient for certain settings where I am still interested in tracking my steps… I hear many good things about Fitbit 🙂

  2. I go through the motions of wanting a fitbit because I think it will encourage me to walk and exercise more but then I never used my pedometer so I am unsure.

  3. I really want a fitness tracker. I am fitness crazy. I work out 4 times and week and have a PT. The question for me is: which tracker should I get? You discuss that here too. My husband swears by Pulsar kit but I just don’t know. Yours is a very timely and fitting post for me! 🙂 Tx

  4. Great post Stella. I go jogging twice a week and that’s it… I have once checked how far I usually run and I time myself on the kitchen clock… that is how far my fitness stats go 😀 This piece of technology should really come in handy… Love, Kathleen

  5. Great post. I am a fitness fan. I jog four times a week, will definitely need a fitbit to track my performance . Looking forward to getting one.

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