Celebrity Style: Kylie Jenner In House of CB

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is rocking a champagne thigh high piece by House of CB. Is this look a Yay or a Nay? You decide…..

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  1. Ok, I have to give it Wendy Williams style- I give it to you straight, no chaser- I dont think KJ has any style whatsoever….its sad in this day and age words like icon, style, celebrity- get so misused. Is she a celebrity, yes? Her social media stats and family dictate that, but has she got style? Well did you see what she wore for the AMA’s, she tries too hard to be Kim’s mini me.So often its too raunchy, too tight, just too, too, too…She has a good figure but those rippled folds one can see on the above dress from top to bottom show that- the dress is toooo tight. In summary, is a Nay from moi! The End.

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