Product Review: Clearista Retexturizing Gel Kit


I had the opportunity to try out this Clearista Retexturizing Gel Kit some weeks ago. I got sent samples, and I have been using this product twice every week, for a month now, so I have a lot to say about it, but before I get into it, let’s hear what Clearista has to say about this Retexturizing Gel:

The Clearista Retexturizing Gel™ contains our patented and scientifically proven formula plus mild, biodegradable exfoliants to enhance the skin’s natural exfoliation processes. Our gel not only helps reduce the appearance of rough and bumpy surface blemishes, but is also effective at reducing the appearance of age and sun-related folding and wrinkling of sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.

Looking to achieve the effects often contributed to moisturizers, scrubs, and serums? Well, we packed all that goodness into one stylish tube. 

Here is how it works:

I massage the Clearista Retexturizing Gel to my cleansed face, using circular motions for about 60 seconds, I leave it on for about 10 minutes, then I rinsed off with warm water and pat dry. I do this twice a week.

Clearista Product Review


Here are my thoughts on the product:


  1. This product has not been tested on animals. Cruelty free guys. That fact alone rocks my boat.
  2. Clearista offers a full money back guarantee if you do not notice a difference in your skin. Now that is a brand that believes in its product, and that is a bold move I respect. I have used this product for over 30 days and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, so this product is the truth.
  3. The Retexturizing gel goes for $70 and it is good value for money, as it does the work.  You also get two 15ml/0.5 fl.oz. tube travel sizes as well as a full size tube.
  4. It is gentle enough for the sensitive skin.
  5. I love the sweet, light scent.
  6. It exfoliates my skin beautifully, leaving my skin soft and smooth.



  1. Some people may find this product pricey at $70 for a kit. I think it is money well spent!

I recommend this product to anyone whose skin needs a little TLC, this product is worth every penny. It actually does what it says it would do.

Have you tried this product before? What do you think of it? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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*PR samples included in the post.

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