New Year Fashion & Style Resolutions 2016

I am so vain I know, for deciding not to publish my monthly goals but going ahead to publish my fashion and style resolutions for 2016. Well, Fashion and Style Police is mainly a UK Fashion Blog, 60% of the time, so a style resolution post is in order right? I think it is, and I wrote a New Year Fashion & Style Resolution post around this same time last year, so here are my fashion and style resolutions for 2016.

Pandora Earrings


Play Around With My Style

This year, I would like to step outside my comfort zone a little more, by playing around with my style. So you will be seeing a little more of dresses, skirts, sky-high heels, a bit more colour and everything else in between, so look out for my outfit posts, I promise to make them a lot more interesting.

Invest in High-end Accessories

Accessories have the power to make or break any look, so this year I will be focusing on growing my accessories, especially my shoe, bag and earrings collection. I sold quite a couple of bags on eBay last year, so those bags would need to be replaced (whatever helps me sleep at night right lol), I have my eye on some stylish Christian Louboutins already, so let’s see how it goes, crossing my fingers and my toes.

Declutter the Wardrobe

I have so many clothes I never wear at all. I plan to get rid of as many as I can by selling on eBay or giving them away to family, friends and charity. In the meantime, I plan to reduce the number of clothes I buy this year. I have more than enough, and my wardrobe is currently about to explode.

Luxemme Swing Dress


Play around with my Hair

Looking back at some of my pictures, I realised that most of my hairstyles were just plain and that is so not like me. I will like to step up my hair game this year, and play around with various styles. Variety is the spice of life.

Stop Buying Roll Neck Knitwear

I have realised I not only dislike roll necks, I HATE them. They are dead uncomfortable, I feel like I am choking whenever I have on a roll neck sweater. I get the fact that they do look good, and I see why people like them, but I have decided to give that trend a miss.

Avoid Itchy Knitwear

One thing I hate even more than the roll necks is an itchy knitwear. It is so very uncomfortable, especially when you are indoors, and the heating is on. Thank God the designers are beginning to see the light, and are giving us more comfortable knitwear, like this Luxemme Jumper and this H&M Jumper.

I know there are many tried and tested ways of getting rid of the itch in the knit, but I really can’t be bothered with any of that. I just want my knitwear to remain itch-free, so this year, I will be trying every jumper or sweater before buying.

Do you have any fashion and style resolutions for 2016? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and have a great week x

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  1. I definitely agree with decluttering my wardrobe. Sometimes, you find you have outfits you haven’t worn for ages just sitting there. Not good.

    Definitely one of my new year fashion resolutions.

  2. Should definitely declutter… but not today… too lazy 🙂
    I want to invest in a couple of fab basics! Yesterday I bought this really neat black blazer… so a good start 🙂
    Love, Kathleen

  3. I definitely need a wardrobe clear out! I have so many unworn items and items that I know I’ll never wear again, so I really need to find some time to put them all on eBay x

  4. Mine is definitely to be more thoughtful with my purchases and just like you, to try and buy less. I do love me some roll neck jumpers though, they are great for keeping warm and stylish too.

  5. Happy New Year! These are some great goals, I love the idea of a wardrobe declutter. I really want to start wearing more than just my selfimposed uniform of jeans and a jumper! That’s my goal for this year

  6. There is nothing more I hate than itchy knit wear so I rarely buy online i go in store and test it out first because itchy aint pretty. I decluttered my wardrobe 4 weeks ago and due for another in 2 weeks. Great resolutions.

  7. I would really like to wear more yellow this year, I think it’s a colour that really suits me but I hardly own anything. Good luck with your resolutions!

  8. Good post. It is a beautiful idea to decluster the wardrobes. This is exactly what I am going to do. I definitely want a bright wardrobe this year. Will really go for more green and red colours. Thanks for the post.

  9. Buying some classic accessories is on my bucket list too! I feel like I’ve reached an age where I can start building up a wardrobe with some timeless, often expensive, pieces, but we’ll see how much money I can scrape together… Looking forward to seeing more of your looks this year!

  10. I recently realised how drab my colour choices have become so one of my resolutions is to treat myself to a few new bits and pieces in bright colours.

  11. This is a very refreshing post. Rather than ‘I want to lose weight save money etc etc’ from lots of others (which isn’t a bad thing) this is different-I like different

  12. Not vain at all for not posting your goals – I haven’t posted mine either! For sure about decluttering, my wardrobe is next on my list, while trying to add some colour (it’s black, black and er black!). Oh gosh itchy knitwear is awful – thankfully only ever suffered one horrid itchy jumper.

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