December 2015 Outfits Posts

Today is the first Monday in the month of January, and I am looking forward to starting 2016 right on the right path. I had a few outfit posts in December, check them out below, just in case you missed them.


OOTD: Happy Holidays

Fashion Outfit Post UK

This outfit was all about this Luxemme Chunky Distressed Jumper. I love this jumper a lot, it is very different from anything else I have in my winter wardrobe, and the colour is so beautiful, like a breath of fresh air. If you don’t believe me, check out the post for yourself, link above.


The Oversized Jumper

H&M Jumper OOTD

This outfit was all about the oversized trend, and the accessories came out to play too. I have worn this H&M jumper quite a few times already, and I find it so easy to style. I just throw it on most days when I can’t be bothered to make an effort. The Michael Kors trainers was another highlight of this outfit.


OOTD: Footsteps to Follow

Fashion and Style Police Outfit Post

This look was my favourite look of all for December and I think it is the same for majority as this outfit post has the most comments, as well as views. I styled the pieces in my head before I actually wore it, but I didn’t think it would look as half as good as it did. I love EVERYTHING about this look. I think I slayed it…….


OOTD: Season Tweetings

Season Tweetings

I stepped outside my comfort zone with this look. It was my first time wearing a suspender and I loved it. The jumper was also my first Christmas Jumper and I like the fact that it is very different compared to all the others I saw over the holidays. This green Joules piece doesn’t look as cheesy, lol.

You can grab a similar jumper and many more stylish Joules pieces, and get a 45% off selected jumpers and sweaters while you are at it. Don’t you just love the sales? So cool…

So there you have it, my outfit posts for December 2015. For those who do not know, OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day, yea I had someone ask me once, lol…

Which look is  your favourite? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.

New Year Fashion & Style Resolutions 2016

I am so vain I know, for deciding not to publish my monthly goals but going ahead to publish my fashion and style resolutions for 2016. Well, Fashion and Style Police is mainly a UK Fashion Blog, 60% of the time, so a style resolution post is in order right? I think it is, and I wrote a New Year Fashion & Style Resolution post around this same time last year, so here are my fashion and style resolutions for 2016.

Pandora Earrings


Play Around With My Style

This year, I would like to step outside my comfort zone a little more, by playing around with my style. So you will be seeing a little more of dresses, skirts, sky-high heels, a bit more colour and everything else in between, so look out for my outfit posts, I promise to make them a lot more interesting.

Invest in High-end Accessories

Accessories have the power to make or break any look, so this year I will be focusing on growing my accessories, especially my shoe, bag and earrings collection. I sold quite a couple of bags on eBay last year, so those bags would need to be replaced (whatever helps me sleep at night right lol), I have my eye on some stylish Christian Louboutins already, so let’s see how it goes, crossing my fingers and my toes.

Declutter the Wardrobe

I have so many clothes I never wear at all. I plan to get rid of as many as I can by selling on eBay or giving them away to family, friends and charity. In the meantime, I plan to reduce the number of clothes I buy this year. I have more than enough, and my wardrobe is currently about to explode.

Luxemme Swing Dress


Play around with my Hair

Looking back at some of my pictures, I realised that most of my hairstyles were just plain and that is so not like me. I will like to step up my hair game this year, and play around with various styles. Variety is the spice of life.

Stop Buying Roll Neck Knitwear

I have realised I not only dislike roll necks, I HATE them. They are dead uncomfortable, I feel like I am choking whenever I have on a roll neck sweater. I get the fact that they do look good, and I see why people like them, but I have decided to give that trend a miss.

Avoid Itchy Knitwear

One thing I hate even more than the roll necks is an itchy knitwear. It is so very uncomfortable, especially when you are indoors, and the heating is on. Thank God the designers are beginning to see the light, and are giving us more comfortable knitwear, like this Luxemme Jumper and this H&M Jumper.

I know there are many tried and tested ways of getting rid of the itch in the knit, but I really can’t be bothered with any of that. I just want my knitwear to remain itch-free, so this year, I will be trying every jumper or sweater before buying.

Do you have any fashion and style resolutions for 2016? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and have a great week x

The Highs & Lows of Blogging in 2015

Hot Chocolate


As we begin to count down to the end of the year (I can’t believe we have only 2 days left in the year), I will like to reflect on my blogging journey so far. If I were asked to describe my blogging journey in 2015, in 1 word, it would be BUSY. It was an extremely busy year for Fashion and Style Police, the busiest ever in fact. There have been so many high moments, as well as not so high moments, but I am happy I got the chance to experience all of them. I will like to reflect on my 2015 blogging journey, so I can look back, read this post and remember all the major blog moments.



I have had so many ‘HIGHS’ this year, but here are some of them:


My First Blogging Event


The Front Row Society


I attended the Sleep Well Shop Well Event with Premier Inn and Propellernet in October and I LOVED it. It was my first blogging event and I love the fact that I set my standards pretty high as far as events are concerned. I get invites on a daily basis to various events but I turn them all down because majority of them are in London, or somewhere equally too far away for me to be bothered to make the long journey and sort out childcare, while the others may be close by but I don’t believe it is worth my time or effort, so I decline.

I like the fact that I am picky when it comes to events, time is money so any event I go to has to be worth my time, and the Sleep Well Shop Well was the first to meet my demands. I had part of my travel sorted, accommodation sorted, food sorted, shopping sorted and I had an amazing time. I even met the cool Anna from The Twenty Sumtin blog, I wrote a guest post on her blog and it is all about beauty tips so go check it out.


My First Twitter Party


Christmas Night In


This year – 2015 was all about ‘firsts’, and this time, I hosted my first Twitter party for Ocean Finance. I enjoyed hosting from the comfort of my home, sipping a yummy cup of hot chocolate, and wearing my pretty New Look onesie, you can play catch up with my Tweets, I am @Olojay.


I Stepped Outside My Comfort Zone

Scary Halloween Makeup


This year I stepped outside my comfort zone quite a few times, starting with the Halloween Makeup post for Vision Direct. It was a fun post and I enjoyed creating the look. I have also embraced the lifestyle blogging trend, and written quite a few posts outside of fashion and beauty, like this Cooking Challenge with Expedia and this Food Challenge with Travelodge.

I have enjoyed the variety of my blog posts this year, and I think my readers have to. I am hoping to continue bringing you fun and useful fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts so keep reading Fashion and Style Police.


Fashion and Style Police Turned 3

The blog turned 3 in October and this year has been the best ever so far. I never imagined I would still be blogging in 2015 and doing so well when I started in 2012. I have worked my behind off in the last 3 years and I am so happy today because my hard work seems to be paying off at last. I have worked with incredible brands this year, they have been so many, so I would just name a few with links for you to check out some posts:

  1. I became a Brand Ambassador of Luxemme.
  2. I have reviewed quite a HUGE number of pieces, accessories and products from various brands like Dolled Up Hair, OGX, Debenham Flowers and many more.
  3. I had quite a number of sponsored posts which were well received.



I started freelancing in the summer of 2015 and it has been a bumpy ride but so worth it. I have written for some amazing websites, a few have been published, while many are yet to be published. I will be updating my portfolio page with links once the articles are published so watch that space. I have also started blogging for The Huffington Post so be on the lookout for updates for that on the portfolio page as well.



I try not to dwell on the ‘lows’ but I think it is right to give you the full picture so here they are:


DA Fluctuating

For those who do not know, DA stands for Domain Authority and it is a very important statistic for any professional blogger or any blogger that wishes to make any sort of income from a blog. I almost cried when I discovered my DA had dropped from a 32 to a 26 some weeks ago. It is now at 27, and I am looking forward to getting it back to above 32.


Bloggers Stealing Your Ideas

There is a very thin line between being inspired and outright copying, and many bloggers just go over the thin line. I have discovered similar blog posts on other blogs and I don’t know whether I should be annoyed or flattered some times, but what I would say is if you have to copy another blogger’s idea, then I think it may be time to find a new career, dream or hobby as the case may be, because you will never be as good as the original.


The ‘NO BUDGET’ Line

Most bloggers would be familiar with the ‘no budget’ line and it seriously annoys me that brands/PRs think they can get me to work for free with their talk about exposure and the works. In 2016, I won’t even bother replying such emails. Unfortunately, exposure does not pay the bills, and the blog does not run itself.


Brands Taking Forever to Pay

Chasing unpaid invoices was my other job this year and it was not fun. I hate it when I have to keep reminding you to pay me for a service I have already provided, and I did a lot of that this year, and from what I have heard, the chase never ends as long as you keep having clients.

Hot Choc Mug


The good part about all this is that the highs outweighs the lows massively, so I will continue doing what I do best. Here is me hoping 2016 is even better than 2015 for us all.

With 2 days left in the year, how have you found 2015 so far? Any highs or lows you would like to share? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading, see you in 2016.




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