Style Icon: Jessica Chastain

The beautiful Jessica Chastain is more than just a pretty face, she a talented actress and producer, and she is also a style icon. Lets catch up on her impeccable style.


It is not everyday I spot a style icon, they are few and very between, so when I do spot one, I like to talk about it. That is the whole idea behind the Style Icon series. It is my way of appreciating true style, and this time, it is all about this ravishing beauty – Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain is one woman who matches to the beat of her style drum. She is a true style icon and she knows it. There can never be another Jessica Chastain, her looks are so distinct. I love every piece or accessory I see on her. She is the definition of the true meaning of style. She does not follow trends or what is in vogue, she dictates her personal style, and it looks amazing every time. I adore her fashion sense.



I have studied Jessica’s style, and I can describe it as elegant, and very feminine. I can see she loves rocking colourful pieces, and she loves rocking dresses, and they suit the hell out of her so I can’t blame her.  I also love the way she coordinates her colours so beautifully. Everything about this style icon is stunning – copper-red hair, glowing skin, perfect figure and amazing outfit choices, what is there not to love?

I love seeing Jessica Chastain on the red carpet in particular. She is usually spotted rocking amazing dresses. Her style team must be working overtime to keep those dresses coming.


Jessica Chastain Image

What do you think of Jessica Chastain as a style icon? Are you digging her style? Sound off in the comment section, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend.




27 responses

  1. Oh wow! Finding it hard to pick a favourite outfit. They all look stunning. Think the long black evening dress and the coral dress are faves

  2. Wow I love Jessica. She is elegant and all her styles are gorgeous on her. I love all the outfits especially the purple dress and the long black evening dress . She is absolutely stunning.

  3. I love her style and how she wears it. As you know I love colour so she is a style icon for me.

    I love the first picture of her. That dress rocks because it also has a stripe line in it which is vertical which is slimming.

    The 5th dress down is a definite me to as it is quirky, with various lengths and colours. If I was to buy anyone of them it would be the 5th one.

    Great article Stella

  4. She looks beautiful in everything. I must say I don’t recognise her so had to google and read a bit more information about her work. She is a great choice for a style icon as clearly knows how to own it! Thanks for sharing

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