Christmas Money Saving Fashion Tips

This festive season is all about spending, which leaves most of us very broke in January. With the Christmas parties and celebrations going on, we all tend to spend a little bit extra buying sparkly outfits and accessories for the many occasions we have lined up. I keep getting invites to events all over the country, so I can imagine many fashion bloggers are receiving many event invites as well.

It is very easy to get carried away with the party season and drain the bank account in the pursuit of looking stylish. The good news is you don’t have to. You can look stylish and not spend all the money you have.




Here are some money-saving fashion tips you may find useful –


Will it be worn

Research has shown, we only wear 10% of our entire wardrobe. Is that true at your end? I won’t say it is true at mine but I do have my favourite pieces I wear regularly. So before I buy anything new, I ask myself if it would be worn and how often it would be worn. My answer determines if I buy it or not.


Have a budget

Having a clear figure of what I am prepared to spend on a shopping spree leaves no room for over spending. I always have a budget in my head, and I write it down if I have to. That way I can shop smartly and happily, knowing when to stop. Withdrawing the exact amount of money needed also works, leaving no room for me to go over my set budget.


Worth per wear

When it comes to buying high-end, I like to go high-end (or as high as my bank balance allows me) on footwear, bags, jackets and jewellery. And get reasonably priced pieces for the rest of my wardrobe because I look at worth per wear when deciding on how much to spend on an item.


All Black OOTD




I sell many of my pricey preloved items on eBay and I make a small fortune on them. If you look around your wardrobe, I am sure you will find something worth listing, so have a dig around.


Look out for the sales

I am always on the lookout for bargains, so I do most of my shopping in the sales. I hardly buy anything full price these days.


I hope you find these Christmas money-saving fashion tips useful. Feel free to drop a tip or 2 in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.



52 responses

  1. I love your “worth per wear” makes so much sense! I do try to invest in good shoes and bags too (like you, as much as my bank account would allow me to 😉

  2. Great tips, it really is so easy to overspend at Christmas, particularly if you fall into that don’t have anything to wear panic – great idea selling things on and I love the worth per wear approach, such a sensible way to look at a purchase!

  3. These are good tips. I was going to go buy Sylvia a Christmas Jumper as the school required one on friday but I decided to just help her create a christmas look with the items she already has. She has a lovely red sparkly top and I think its the best option. Ebay is a good way to sell unwanted clothing too! 🙂 Angela

  4. Like you I sell on EBay! I also have the rule of thumb on how long I keep an item for, depending on what it’s for. I have a very expensive dress I bought for our eldest wedding in August I wont wear very often however I am not selling it. Like you I love the sales.

    If I can help it I don’t buy anything at this time of year. I buy any new clothing before December starts. I like to mix and match so always look with an eye what else can I wear this with. I will hit the sales in January. I know there is sale stuff on now. Just I dont do shopping in December time if I can help it.

  5. I definitely need to see huge neon signs saying ‘will it be worn’ before I buy so many of my clothes. I’m terrible at falling in love with things that you can’t wear everyday and then never wearing them. Great tips x

  6. These are all great tips Stella. I have come to an age where I don’t go out much and don’t really need much. I try to just buy quality now when I need them. Love the sales though and always lose myself, ha!!

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