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As you all know, we are in the middle of renovating some parts of our house. It has been on hold for months now for various reasons, but I plan to get back into the swing of things by next year. I would like to get the home office and kids bedroom sorted first, so I have all sorts of interior decorating items like wall stickers on my mind at the moment.

I recently came across TenStickers wall stickers and I have fallen in love with quite a few designs. I can see these stickers looking pretty on my walls already. Here are a few children’s wall stickers that caught my eye for my kids’ bedroom:


Baby Monkey Kids Sticker



This wall stickers by TenStickers is one of my favourites from the children’s category. I love how bright and colourful it is. I am sure my kids would love it even more than I do. It would definitely some fun and amusement to their bedroom.


Forest Critters Wall Sticker



This is one design I really like. It is unisex so I see both my kids loving it. They are a bit obsessed with animals at the moment so it is another favourite of mine. This Forest Critters Wall Sticker looks like a real painting, I love it.


Cookies Best Friends Forever



This Best Friends Forever sticker is a beauty. I think it is funny and original, and I am sure my kids would love it. I myself would like to wake up to this on my wall. I bet it would put me in a good mood every morning.


For the rest of the house, here are the a few stickers that have caught my eye:


Right Shoes Marilyn Monroe Quote Wall Sticker



I love this Marilyn Monroe quote so this sticker caught my eye automatically. This pretty sticker would decorate any bedroom nicely.


Living is Easy Wall Sticker



This quote by John Lennon is another quote I love so this lovely sticker is another close to my heart. I love the design, I think it would beautify a room in my house easily.


Overall, I am very impressed with TenStickers’ designs. There is a wall sticker for every room in your house, for every person and occasion.

What do you think of TenStickers Wall Stickers?


*This is a collaborative post.




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  2. Never really looked at these before. I went for a website tour. I am very impressed. I can see us buying some when we decorate next year.

    I seen some great ones for the living room.

    I also loved the 1 of the Christmas tree which is great for small rooms.

    We have done away with our tree this year and made our fire place surround (which doesn’t have a working fire in it you will be pleased to know) the focal point for decorating as out lounge isn’t that big. It does look good. Everyone has complemented us on it, as it’s different.

    It’s always a pain moving everything around to squeeze it in. The Christmas tree sticker is a lovely idea to add in with decorations.

  3. I love wall stickers and have used them in my house over the past 5-6 years. I love the variety that TenStickers gives you, and that monkey one is super cute. My favourite from your post is the Shoe Quote – would be perfect in a dressing room xx

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