Beauty Plans for 2017

2017 is a year of paying attention to my beauty and skincare routine. I started paying more attention to my skincare last year and I plan to continue this year. I turn 30 in a few weeks (whoop whoop) and I now understand the importance of having a great skincare routine. I wish I started giving my skin some TLC like 5 years but it is never too late to start caring.




Here are my beauty plans for 2017:


Exfoliate Weekly

I exfoliate my skin once a week and I plan to continue this routine this year. I am yet to find the perfect exfoliator for my skin so feel free to recommend any fab exfoliator in the comment section.


Use a Mask Weekly

I use a mask once a week and I LOVE what it does to my skin. My skin literally feels like a baby’s bum so I will be continue using a face mask every week. It is the best part of my skincare routine.


Have a Balanced Diet

I need to eat and drink right this year. I don’t drink the recommended daily amount of water but I am working on it. I plan to start exceeding the daily of amount of water I should be drinking. A balanced diet works wonders on the skin.




Beauty Sleep

I have a new app on my iPhone that tells me when to go to bed so I get 7/8 hours sleep and it serves as a nice reminder. My skin feels amazing when I get my beauty sleep regularly. And I get more work done once I have had a good night’s sleep.


Makeup Free

I hardly wear makeup because I work from home, hardly go away worth applying makeup to, so my skin breathes easy. This is going to carry on in 2017.


Wipe it Off

And when I do have my makeup on, I make sure I wipe every trace off. I have not gone to bed with my makeup on in years now and my skin thanks me for it.


Do you have any beauty/skincare plans for 2017?




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  1. Some more tips… always cleanse your face at night… even when you didn’t put on make up during the day… try to skip the alcohol as that dries out the skin… and a trick to help you drink the needed amount of water: put a 2l bottle next to your workspace. Mark the bottle with several stripes. Next to those stripes you write the hour at what time you want to empty the bottle to that particular stripe. Eg you start drinking water at 8am, your first stripe would mark ’10am’ and is about 1/6th of the bottle, a second stripe is marked ‘noon’ and is about 2/6th of the bottle and so one. That way you make it visible on how much you’ve got to drink by what time… it really helps!! Good luck 🙂

  2. Curious as to what products you’re using or interested in using. I tend to stick with natural products (made by me) or products with all natural ingredients.

  3. Happy early birthday Stella. It is never too late to start if I am been honest. I started caring for my skin in my late 20’s too, now I see the result at almost
    Enjoy every bit of it.
    We have to eat cake and jollof, you know now 🙂

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