Supermodels Cover British Vogue February 2017 Issue

Three stunning supermodels – Anna Ewers, Imaan Hamman and Taylor Hill are the cover girls for British Vogue February 2017, and they look amazing on the cover. I know how much Vogue loves having supermodels on their covers, so I wasn’t too surprised to see these beauties on the cover.




I have never heard of these lovely ladies before, so I would love to read this issue.

Here are some quotes from their interview with British Vogue:


On Imaan Hamman embracing her natural hair curls –

“For years, I was trying to please everyone, starting with the fact that I was constantly straightening my hair,” Hammam revealed in this month’s accompanying cover interview. “Well, that was super-damaging, and after a while, I was like, ‘Uccch, I’ve got to chill out with this.’ So I started going to castings with my hair natural – big and frizzy. And that was when my career blew up.”

I am happy to see she has embraced her beautiful natural hair. She is a stunner.


On how Taylor Hill found success –

“There’s always going to be that part of me that’s the girl who got scouted at 14. I was, like, the opposite of cool. Obsessed with Harry Potter. I had all this frizzy hair I didn’t know what to do with; I wore my sisters’ hand-me-downs, which I was too tall for, so nothing ever fitted. When this photographer saw me and told me I should model it wasn’t just me who was like, um, really? Even my parents thought – that guy’s insane.”




I find these quotes so inspiring. I am happy to see all 3 women doing well in the modelling industry.

This issue is now available on the newsstands? Will you be reading?

Sound off in the comments section below, let’s talk.

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Feed the Family for a Day with £2

If you know me well enough, you would know I am always up for a challenge. Nothing fazes me, well almost nothing.

The lovely people of VoucherBox and Zamcog; UK-based charity that is dedicated to helping feed and educate Zambia’s most at-risk children, challenged me to feed my family for a day with £2 each, and I took up the challenge with everything in me.




It costs just £2 a day to feed and educate a child in Zambia for a month. Now picture that for a second. Just £2 a day would completely change a child’s life. That is less than a regular cup of cappuccino in a fancy coffee shop. The ones you grab absent mindedly on your way to work without thinking twice. Well that 2 quid would give a child a chance of having a good life in Zambia.

Julie-Anne Uggla, Founder of Zamcog says “We’re delighted to work with to raise awareness to one of the integral aspects of Zamcog’s work. At the Shitima School we not only educate children to improve their lives but also provide basic needs such as food and clean water. Any money raised from this campaign will go directly to funding nourishment at the Shitima School. The blogging community are incredibly influential and with their help we can raise money and awareness for Zamcog and continue to support our children.”




I took up this £2 challenge with Zamcog and VoucherBox because I like a good challenge. Feeding each person with £2 for 1 day would be a real struggle, so I wanted to see how we would get on. And me publishing this post would put £50 in Zamcog’s pocket. So it is a win-win for me.

So how did we get on? With £8, we needed to sort out Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Here is a breakdown:


Aldi Wheat Bisks Cereal – £1.89

Milk – 95p


Baked Beans – 99p

Bread – £1


Spaghetti – 29p

Pasta Sauce – 39p

Mince Meat – £1.00


Apples -89p

Bananas – 60p

Total spent =£8


I found this challenge very hard. I thought it would be a walk in the park, but I was so wrong. Feeding my family with £2 per head was one of the hardest things I have done this year. We usually spend way more than that without thinking much about it. I could not have my regular cups of cappuccino. Or Coke. My kids could not snack on their favourite snacks, and it was just a weird day. I was happy to see the end of it.

This challenge opened my eyes to how little £2 is. And to think that little amount can change a child’s life in a Zambia says a lot.

I am happy to know that me publishing this post would change lives in Zambia. I am always happy to support a good cause.

Do you think you can feed yourself for a day with £2 or your family with £2 per head? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a lovely day.






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