How to make sure you keep your new year resolutions

By now you may have realized how difficult it is to keep the freaking new year resolutions right? It is usually fine for the first few days and even weeks. You are optimistic about the future and you have probably even seen yourself achieve your goals and aspirations for the new year.


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Fast forward to the second week and your enthusiasm is waning and you begin to wonder if you’ll ever keep your resolutions. Trust me, we have all been there.

Since the year is still fresh (this is only the second week), here are 3 ways you can make sure that you keep your new year’s resolutions.


  1. Have a clear purpose

Ever wondered about how easy it is to do the things you want to do compared to doing things you know you have to do?

When a goal is backed up with a clear reason why you should to reach that goal, you would do whatever it takes to achieve it. Purpose acts like a fuel that will move you to reach your goal. The clearer and more deeply attached you are to your purpose, the greater the enthusiasm and determination you have to make sure you are always on track.

Action Step #1

If you feel like you are slacking in your new year resolutions department, then re-assess your purpose for your resolutions and get in tuned with the reason why you want to achieve your goal.


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  1. Set milestones

The outcome you desire for the year could seem so far way, especially when you know that you have less than 365 days to the end of the year. Knowing that there is a lot of time for you to patch up your goal will make you slow down your progress. This is because you’ll feel like you have a lot of time on your hands to make sure that you fulfill your resolutions.

Setting up achievable “mini-goals” that will get you closer to your new year’s resolution is a great way to pace yourself and encourage you to keep putting in the work until you achieve your new year’s resolution.

Action Step #2

Break down your resolutions into smaller goals that you can work towards achieving daily, weekly or monthly. This will help make your resolutions more achievable, with clear milestones to work towards.


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  1. Reward yourself as you make steps to achieving your goal

Keeping a resolution or working towards a goal can be really hard. Most times, it is energy-sapping. If you don’t encourage or motivate yourself to keep going, you will want to abandon your new year’s resolution. Motivation is the key that can help keep you going.

When you are motivated, you are more prone to taking action. As you keep going, you start gathering momentum until it becomes a part of you.

Action Step #3

Reward yourself every time you make a step towards fulfilling your resolutions or nail your daily, weekly or monthly target.

The reward doesn’t have to be a big one. It could be anything like taking yourself out to the movies, treating yourself to a massage, or even enjoying a nice jar of freshly baked cookies.

Do you have any resolutions for 2017? How do you plan to keep them?



Hidden Gems Cheshire

We have had weather alerts, news, and everyone seems to be getting ready for the snow on the way. So far I have seen only showers of snow flakes on and off, but I have hoping we have a bit of snow this weekend, but not too much.

Good thing I plan to be indoors today. I like to watch the snow from the comfort of my home. A few photos in the snow can be cute too but anything else is not my style. I don’t cope well in extreme temperatures…..




If the weather permits, I would love to visit some hidden gems around my town. I have had a few on my mind but not really had the time to explore them properly. I plan to continue my driving lessons this year. I think it is time I finally ticked that off my to-do list so wish me luck. Being able to drive would make my life a lot easier. And it means I would be able to explore my area easier. To start off, I need to compare car insurance prices so I get the best deal for my provisional license. That is on to-do list.

Here are 2 of my favourite hidden gems in Cheshire –


Tatton Park Knutsford – National Trust – Tatton Park, Tatton Park Gardens, Mereheath Dr, Knutsford WA16 6QN

This historic estate with Tudor hall, neo-classical mansion, lavish gardens, a deer park and playground, is one park I really want to visit. I seen it from a distance on a few occasions and it looks like a fun place to explore with the family.




It is free to explore Tatton Park but there is a fee to enter the stately home.


Delamere Forest – Delamere Forest, Linmere, Delamere, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 2JD

The kids love the outdoors so I am sure Delamere Forest would make an amazing family day out destination. I also think it would be great for an outfit photo shoot. The views are amazing.




Have you visited these places? What are your thoughts? Do you have any hidden gem in your area?


*Collaborative post.



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