Style Tips for the Petite Woman

We’re so used to seeing seeing the tall models walk the runway, and the tall mannequins lined up in the boutiques. The problem is that there are a good number of us  – petite women, that struggle to find the right pieces.




Petite women seem to be left out in the fashion world as all eyes are on the taller ladies. The good news is that with a few style tricks even petite women can have a chance to look good and maybe even a couple of inches taller.

The idea is to shift focus from the small frame to your greatest assets. That way you get to enjoy the best of 2 worlds. If you’re that petite woman who wants to keep it stylish, here are some handy tips you can try out right away:


Make friends with vertical lines

Vertical lines give the illusion of a longer silhouette. This is because the eyes naturally follow the lines. You can take advantage of this smart trick by wearing clothes with vertical lines or stripes to give yourself that extra height.

Avoid horizontal lines, they would make you look wider and consequently smaller than you really are.


Go for the exact fit

As a petite woman you cannot afford to allow yourself to wear baggy clothes. Baggy or loose fitting clothing make you appear even smaller.

Wear clothes that fit to your body. This will accentuate / flatter your shape. But you need to take note: fitting does not mean tight.

Baggy/oversize styles can work if worn correctly. So a baggy jumper with leggings for example.


Go for monochrome

The classy monochrome has a way of giving that elongated effect. Of course, you can add a touch of colour but don’t overdo it. Too many colours can negatively affect the elongated illusion you want to create. But if at all you want to add some colour, then keep the tops a light colour while the bottoms dark.


Black and grey Outfit Image


Don’t use shoes with straps

Shoes with straps at the ankles make you look shorter. The strap acts as a dividing line showing where your legs end. Instead go for strapless shoes that have the same colour with your trousers, if you’re wearing long trousers, or shoes that have the same colour with your skin whenever you are wearing a dress or skirt.


Stay away from large patterns

Large patterns have a way of dominating your outfit thus making you look very petite. Plus they can be overwhelming.


Embrace your high heels

Heels are your lifesavers here. They give you that needed height advantage, plus they look very elegant. However, just because heels are the answer to your problem, it doesn’t mean you should pick the highest heels you can get your hands on. Pick heels that are of a comfortable height, heels you can walk in.

You can enhance the height by wearing long trousers that are of the same colour with your heels. It will give you that added elongated silhouette.


What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to share?



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