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When it comes to me having anything done permanently on my body, I go real slow. I usually sleep over for it for months before I decide on whether I really want to go ahead with whatever it is. I remember me thinking long and hard before I got my second set of piercings done some years ago. And when I had my laser hair removal done. And when I had my teeth whitened. I needed to be sure I really wanted to have these procedures done. because the only way is up for me, there was no going back. And that is my issue with having tattoos done.

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I admire some tattoos I have seen on others. I have a few friends that have a couple of tattoos, and some of them look really good. But tattoos are not for me personally. And I think that is the case for many as well. I believe tattoos are more of impulse purchases, many get drunk and wake up with a tattoo they can’t remember having done, and they may have to live with for the rest of their life.

Well the good thing about tattoos today is that thanks to advancement in technology, you can get rid of tattoos you no longer want. City Tattoo Removal Clinic, a clinic with over 15 years of experience in laser tattoo removal, is renowned for removing unwanted tattoos using PicoSure and PicoWay. The laser treatment used is suitable for all skin types, even the toughest colours can be removed.

The Laser tattoo removal treatment at City Tattoo Removal Clinic works by pulsing laser light into the tattoo which shatters the ink into tiny pieces, the body spots these particles as a foreign substance and removes the minute ink particles using the natural detoxification processes. This treatment does not damage the skin, like excision, dermabrasion and acid, it simply gets rid of the unwanted ink.




I have dreamt of having various procedures done at various points in my life. There is always a new sort of cosmetic treatment around these days, and I will be elaborating more on why I would want some done and not want them done in a different post real soon, so keep your eyes open. But I am happy treatments like this Laser tattoo removal exists for those who need it. Thanks to this treatment, you don’t have to live with body ink you don’t want.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a tattoo you regret?


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  1. Like you I too am slow when it comes to permanent changes. Tattoos are something I like on other people and never on myself. I have worked in care homes and seen what tattoos look like when you age

  2. Oh I love my tattoos. I have about 17. They are not ugly 1’s. I like natural/nature type tattoos. No regrets. All planned. None done through drink. I dont drink. I started having them in my 40’s. I have my next 1 planned of a colourful lion wearing sun glasses.

    Not everyone can wear them I agree. I hate to see ugly massive tattoo’s on women. Embrace your femininity if you want to wear art.

    I have tattoo’s of autumn leaves, trailing roses, butterfly, an anklet and arm daisy chain, fruits of the vine, the Christian symbol of the fish, my football club, my childrens names, a bird with my Grandson initials attached to the wing, an angel praying over a baby and others type like these.

    They may look wrinkled if I get to care home stage (I flipin hope not) however they are me, they tell my story.

    • I agree. Tattoos aren’t for everyone. Most shops require pre-planning to make sure you are making a thoughtful decision, and won’t accept an intoxicated customer. I am a woman with tattoos and they really do make me feel beautiful. I love them now and I will love them when I’m older. I got my tattoos as a gift to myself, to cover up old scars, and to encourage me. They aren’t always the “pagan, ugly, accidents” that people make them out to be. They’re what you make them.

  3. I have tattoos and i do not regret any of them. Agreed tattoos are not for everybody. I research my additions over many months before i go and see my artist he also helps to fine tune the design and the location. If he feels that a certain piece does will not sit right he will not tattoo it.

    I think with tattoos you have to go to a reputable artist. Far to many people have ink that is done just because it is “fashionable” as it were. There are a lot of very talented artists out there and some have very strict rules. My guy for example will not tattoo anybodies neck or hands without them having a decent amount of art on them already. Sadly there are a few out there who will not give you the right advice.

    Research and research hard is my advice find an reputable artist go speak to them ask for advice from them if they are any sort of artist they will give you the their time and help to help you make the best choice for your body.

  4. I keep saying about getting one of my tattoos removed, It’s a fairy that I had it done was I was 16 and doesn’t look great 10 years on! I’ll have to take a look at this company.

  5. I don’t know of any reputable tattoo place that would do a tattoo when someone is drunk, but I guess I wouldn’t go to any place that I haven’t researched either. I have two, personally. That are very personal and designed by me so I love them. My only issue is the pain. It’s not a fun thing to sit through. I’m wondering how painful the tattoo removal is since I hear laser hair removal can be painful.

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