My Kind of Spa Day

You should all know by now that I turn 30 this weekend, and I am going away on holiday to celebrate. I am really looking forward to this trip. I have been planning it in my head for a while now, and it is a city I have always wanted to visit. I will be revealing my destination on Instagram in a few days, so follow me if you are interested in keeping up with me.




My holidays are never complete without a good spa day. I spent my last birthday at a Spa, and I had a very relaxing full body massage. I also had a full body massage some weeks ago in Dubai. That massage was the best I have ever had in my entire life! It was not relaxing in the sense that I didn’t snooze off like I normally do. But I felt so good after. I had all sorts of body pains before I had the massage, but as soon as I finished the intense session, I felt no body pains at all. It was like I was born again, lol. It was that good.

I am definitely going to have another spa day this weekend. I see spa days as essentials; they are not luxuries in my world. My state of mind and body depends on them. So going forward, I plan to have a good spa day at least once a month.




So how does my kind of spa day look like? Here is how:


Right Atmosphere and Products

I am very selective of where I choose to have my spa day. You won’t catch me in just any kind of Spa.

I like the Spa smelling and looking nice. And like the great products to be used on me. The products go a long way in me deciding whether I would return to the Spa, and whether I would buy any of the products used. Spas need to be selective of which products they use and where they get their salon supplies. Salon Supplies from Ellisons are really great, so that is one place Spas could check for amazing products.


Amazing Customer Service

The customer service has to be amazing. I would love an experienced female masseur (I was once offered a male masseur), who knows what she is doing.


Afternoon Tea

I would love to have afternoon tea with yummy cakes offered at some point in the day, preferably before the massage and a drink after the massage. Good food is very important.





Sometimes I like to have my Spa Day alone, especially when I need some quiet time. But most times I like having some form of company. For my last spa session, I had my sister for company and we both had a lovely time. I have also had my mother and a friend once at a Spa, on two separate occasions, and it was a fabulous experience.


How would you describe a good spa session? Sound off in the comments section please, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


*Collaborative post.





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  1. The right atmosphere and good companions certainly makes a difference. I had a spa day after Christmas and loved it and now cant wait to celebrate my 30th in July.

  2. I go 4 weekly to spa! I have reflexology every 4 weeks and also full facial threading. I have had massage and head massage before. I also like to have facial twice a year.

    Has money got tighter the past few years I have to be more frugal as I used to spend way over a £100 every 4 weeks when I went. I won’t give up my reflexology and facial threading though.

    Oh and I prefer to go alone as I like the quiet time

    Happy 30th birthday Stella. Enjoy

  3. Happy birthday! I love a good spa day – I normally go with my mum and my sister and it’s such a lovely girly catchup time. A massage always leaves me so refreshed – you can’t beat it. Although I have to be careful about what products are used on me too, as I have a few allergies that mean a lot of beauty products are no-nos.

  4. Happy birthday! I’m a huge fan of spa days, I normally go with my partner if we ever manage to find the time. Massages are amazing for relieving stress and tension.

  5. I’ve never actually had a full spa day, just a massage or facial here and there. I love facials though. I’m so ticklish that massages cause me to tense up (the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen).

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