Giveaway: Remington Wet & Dry Battery Lady Shaver

Hey peeps. Here is my first giveaway for 2017 and it is for my beauty lovers! I am giving away this fab Remington Wet & Dry Battery Lady Shaver.




I think this Lady Shaver is simply amazing. I have a similar one I reviewed sometime last year – Braun Silk SE5531 Wet and Dry Epilator, and I can testify to how useful these gadgets really are. They shave so well, and have made my life a lot easier.

If you a hairy girl like me, then you would know all about having to shave regularly. These Lady Shavers are life savers!


Here is a brief product description –

The Remington wet and dry lady shave has an integrated flexible trimmer with rounded blade tips for a perfectly close shave and a smooth and silky finish. It has a moisturising strip to nourish your skin straight after shaving. The quick click bikini trimmer attachment means trimming and detailing your bikini area is a breeze too.

Here are some of the features –

  • It also includes a cleaning brush and beauty bag to keep your trimmer clean and tidy and the beauty bag means you can take the shaver wherever you need it to go. Easy to use, fast, pain-free and convenient, what’s not to love about these handy hair removal heroines.

  • Remington’s latest lady shave is battery-powered, simply recharge your lady shave when the battery runs low.

  • This product can be used both wet and dry as it’s completely shower proof. Plus it’s so simple to keep clean โ€“ just detach the heads and rinse under warm water to wash away hair.

  • Cordless use.

  • For wet and dry use.

  • Foil system.

  • Fully washable.

  • 1 attachment: bikini trimmer attachment comb, beauty bag and cleaning trimmer.

  • Accessories include: beauty bag and cleaning brush.


Here are the rules of the giveaway –

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. Follow me on Instagram.
  3. RT this post.
  4. Leave a comment stating why you want to win this. Also include your Twitter/Instagram name so I know how to find you.

This giveaway will run forย  week, ends Thursday 26th January at 10pm.

It is open to UK residents only, and you have to be over 18 years.

The winner will be selected at random, and contacted on Twitter, so look out.

Thanks for entering, and good luck everyone.

110 responses

  1. My lady shave broke ages ago. I have never got round to replacing it and use the non electric one’s. I would love to win this. It looks fab. Twitter handle @leflat12

  2. Is love to win this to make shaving my legs much easier. Having arthritis it makes it difficult to reach the bottom part of my leg so this would make it so much manageable.

    Twitter: Hayleymberry
    Instagram: Hayleyberry77

  3. I’d love to win this as I have such sensitive skin and disposable razors tear it up! Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚ Twitter @BearsBlueGirly

  4. I would love to win this because sometimes if i need to shave my legs quickly then it means having a shower and so on. A wet and dry shaver gives me the option to do either so my legs can be silky smooth for any occasion

  5. I’ve never tried an epilator but have heard only good things about them. Would love to have one to use myself an be able to cut out all the time I currently spend shaving. Twiiter – @stefalfie11 and instagram – stefalfie

  6. this looks great for me, I am always changing from razor to razor (non electric) and they are no good for my skin @lozzlar yorkmumdiary

  7. i’m as hairy as a gorilla so could do with a little help & this razor looks just the thing to make things easier
    instagram/twitter @myrtleime

  8. I would love to win as I’m fed up of buying disposable razors and want to try something new ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I would like something better than a disposable razor, I shall have to hide this from my teenage daughter though haha My twitter name is @jomarise and I am @jojogirly1 on instagram. Thanks

  10. I’d like to win as my wife is rather hairy – but don’t tell her I told you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Twitter – @philibaldi
    Instagram – @philibaldi

  11. My Missus loves smooth legs as she enjoys the smooth feel. This would help to keep her legs smooth for longer and with little effort – @israrbaig133 IG israrbaig

  12. My Remington Lady shave is on its Last Legs lol ๐Ÿ™ it has lasted me at least 15 years and that is why I would love to win a new one because I like the quality

  13. have entered. Would be good to win this as it would help keep legs hair free so i could go swimming more often with the kids! Have followed / RT on twitter (handle: @thebeesleybuzz) and following on instagram as rebeccabeesley

  14. I would love to win this for myself and hide it, my disposable razors keep disappearing as I got three teenage daughters
    twitter: @IWaldburger Insta: @kagifret

  15. I’d like to win this so that I can have silky smooth legs underarms etc with no cuts or scratches, like I get with my current wet razor. Twitter – @cistolic

  16. I would love to win to get silky smooth hair free legs all ready for summer!!!!!

    Twitter – @lynn_heath
    Instagram – lheath50716

  17. I would like to win this because it will avoid the last minute faff of shaving my legs on the day I have to take my toddler to his swimming lesson! Every. Single. Time!

  18. Oh, the menopause! When the hair on your head gets thinner and the hair on your body gets thicker. I so need this. @maidincornwall

  19. I would love to win your competition as I am tired of cutting myself with a traditional razor. This also looks like it would be quicker and easier to use too! And I am doing really well with my weight loss and so plan on having my pins out this summer so of course they need to be lovely and smooth ๐Ÿ™‚ my twitter name is @addverbaan thanks!

  20. Perfect for sensitive skin -when i ise razors i end up looking like a dot to dot book -id have lovely soft smooth skin
    Twitter @margare 42282636
    Intagran maggz1967

  21. I would love to win as having 2 young children (1 being 10 weeks old) it’s hard to be able to shave in the bath as one will always start crying before I get the chance. This will make me feel more of a woman so I can tame the hair wherever I am!
    Twitter @emmaeminoglu
    Instagram Emzywemzy86

  22. I’d like to win because my old epilator is not working and I have had to go back to using a razor. Also, I’m always in a rush and to be able to use it in the shower and do my bikini area all in one go would be a great time saver!

    Twitter: @Ninnytendo
    Instagram: ninnychico

  23. I would love to win as I have always wanted to try one of these! Easy life…happy wife! Twitter is Sarah_midge and instagram – Sarah_brokey

  24. This looks like a great little shaver. Its particularly handy to be able to use it in the shower. There will be no excuse for not baring my legs this summer if I was lucky enough to win this.
    @carole_0000 (twitter)

  25. I’d love to win the ladyshave because I used to have one until it broke- it was so simple and quick- I really miss it!! @clairesanstete

  26. I would love to win one of these as I find using a normal blade I regularly cut myself and I skag my skin
    Instragram @chockie67
    Twitter @wooohooo2me

    Great giveaway

  27. After my winter relapse I now look like a woolly mammoth so I’d love to win a new shaver to correct the problem lol x

  28. I would love to win because I’ve never tried an electric shaver and I would love to.

    twitter @maisy1607
    instagram maisyhazey

  29. I have hair everywhere & its getting to the stage where the hair on my face is getting viisable for everyone to see. and as a women it making me severely depressed so when i saw this i had so hope that one day i wll be able to be happy with myself again,so to me this would be like winning the lottery.

  30. Well at the moment I am unable to stand or get into the bath on my own so I think this would be the perfect tool for me to use sitting down or laying on the bed and shave me legs privately!!!!!

  31. I’ve never tried anything like this before – I have such a problem with shaving, it would be great to try something new! ๐Ÿ™‚ My twitter name is @ElizabethHind15 and my Insta is izbiz88 ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. I would love this as it would be so useful, and would give the smoohest high quality shave. Great brand name. Twitter id @libra10001 Instagam frankie1north

  33. I would love to win for the summer. I suffer from sensitive skin and I think this would be great.
    Twitter @Webkinny
    Instagram Webkin1979

  34. Oooh would love to win this, mainly because I always cut myself with the cheap disposable razors I buy myself! My Instagram is carriecakes80 and my Twitter is @Carriecakes80!
    Thank-you! x

  35. Twitter @aprilhaddock
    Instagram @ladysummerisle

    I used to have a lady shave many years ago but i changed to disposable razors. I am sure the technology has moved on leaps and bounds since then so I would like to change back.

  36. It’s hard to shave your legs in the shower in your 3rd trimester! I’d love one, it’d make my life so much easier just now
    Twitter @Top_cat81
    Instagram @katieo2500

  37. It’s my mums birthday soon and I know she would love this because I have never heard someone complain about shaven as much as she does haha xx twitter – @hutton_jess, insta – jess9887

  38. @cluckyhen0 – so that when I have forgotten to sort myself out I don’t have strays trying to attack my poor sports therapist whilst he tries to keep me in tip top condition

  39. I would love to win this so I can try out something other than a disposable razor for the 1st time since becoming a parent 9 years ago! It sounds great and im intrigued about the bikini trimmer! Fingers crossed nikkireynolds_sw on insta and @pook_and_the_3 on twitter! xx

  40. Id love to win as I have PCOS and have to shave like everyday and it’s such a pain! This would be fab!!

  41. ooh, I need a new shaver… I threw all my wet-shave razors away in a fit of rage when I had chemo. Now my hair’s coming back with a vengeance and I need to tackle it! @Grannybiker

  42. Because when my Boys were told ewww you have really hairy legs they said yea we get them off our Mum! Thanks Boys best shave every day now @homernbloss @jackiejaxroberts

  43. I have really sensitive skin, waxing brings my skin up in huge red lumps and shaving always give me a rash, I think this could be the answer! Would love to try it ๐Ÿ™‚ Twitter @Wotstarmagic Insta – sarah_wotstar

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