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I used an epilator for the first time some days ago and I am in awe of how smart a gadget it is. Prior to using this smart gadget, I have always used shaving creams, gels and sticks to get rid of the hairs on my legs, bikini line and underarms. At the moment, I am very into various hair removal treatments, having had my 6 laser hair removal treatments, and you should know all about that if you are a regular reader, and if you are not, you don’t know what you are missing…

I have been dying to use an epilator. I have heard mixed reviews about this hair removal gadget, so as soon as I spotted this epilator on offer on the Boots website, I bought it immediately. I went for the Braun Silk SE5531 Wet and Dry Epilator because the reviews online were good, and because it was on offer – I got it half price!


Braun Silk SE5531 Wet and Dry Epilator Picture


I have used this epilator on my legs and attempted to use it on my underarms and I am have quite a lot to say about it. But before I dive into the review, here is what Braun has to say about this epilator –

Developed for ease of use, comfort and great results, Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet & Dry removes even the shortest hair that wax can’t catch, leaving skin silky smooth for up to four weeks.

Here are my thoughts:


  1. It is super easy to set up. You won’t be needing a dummies guide. It does come with a manual with the clear and simple instructions in English on page 11.
  2. This epilator comes with 2 speed settings. I used mine on the first setting because I only just started using an epilator and I found this setting much more comfortable.
  3. In the pack, there is a cleaning brush, tweezers, charging cord and a massage attachment designed to stimulate the skin for a gentler epilation.
  4. It is sold in many stores – Boots, Argos, and Amazon, to name a few.
  5. It leaves the skin silky smooth and without strands of hair for at least 4 weeks.
  6. It can be used in the shower, which makes it very convenient.
  7. The packaging was easy to rip off.


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  1. You have to charge it for an hour before first use which was a pain for me because I was in a hurry to test it.
  2. The cord needs to go in an adapter to charge which is a pain if you don’t have 1 at hand.
  3. I would have preferred to have a sort of lid on the epilator head for when not in use. It does not come with any.
  4. I found it extremely painful at first. Then it gradually became bearable on the legs but I could not stand the pain on the underarms. I found it so painful, I had to stop mid-way.

I have heard many people complain about how painful epilators wer but I thought I could handle it. I have had 6 sessions of laser hair removal treatment on my chin, so I thought this would be a walk in the park but I was so wrong. Epilators work the same way threading, waxing and tweezers work, it plucks the hairs from the roots. I find the hair plucking from the roots very painful, I rather go for a laser hair removal treatment that would ‘burn’ the hair rather than pluck. I guess that is why I did not find laser treatments so painful.

I recommend this Braun Silk SE5531 Wet & Dry Epilator to anyone who can withstand the pain of waxing and threading. If you can handle that, then this should be fine for you. The RRP is £89.99. This price can be a pro or a con depending on how useful it will be for you.

I will be using mine on my legs when I need to, but only on my legs. I will stick to other methods of getting rid of body hairs in other parts of my body for now.

What do you think of this Braun Silk SE5531 Wet & Dry Epilator? Have you tried it? Are you a fan of epilators? Which do you use? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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  1. I’ve used an epilator before but stopped after the wire was broken. I found it was less painful if I wasn’t due my period! I’ve got patches on my legs now where the hair has NEVER grown back which makes me think I should get another one!

  2. Thanks for this review lovely. I’ve been wanting to find out about epilators for ages but I can’t handle pain from my underarms so definitely gonna be steering clear! I now know where to come for beauty tips though. If you need any food/health/fitness inspiration, come see me at or on youtube: @joyogude xo

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