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Black and grey Outfit Image

Black and silver look so good together. Who would have thought? I love how minimal and chic they look styled together. This outfit has autumn style written all over it!

I collaborated with the lovely people at Boohoo to bring to you this black and silver outfit. If you remember my last collaboration with Boohoo, it was the Black Friday Outfit post I featured sometime last year, which I enjoyed styling because it was an all black outfit. This time, the idea behind this collaboration is to feature a secret piece styled in my own way. This secret piece is this Emmaline satin slip dress I have on right here.


Boohoo Silver Dress Image

Boohoo Dress Image

Now to be honest, I won’t have picked this dress at all. I won’t even have considered it. So when it arrived in the post, I was a bit disappointed. But when it came to styling it, I find it so easy to style. I went for black accessories because I knew they would look good amazing paired next to the dress. And I went for a leather jacket and ankle boot because they add an edge to the look, and they also usher in Autumn. I am now looking forward to Autumn Fashion, can you tell?

Boohoo Fashion Challenge Image

Fashion and Style Police Outfit Img

I have now fallen in love with this satin slip dress. And I need to thank Boohoo for taking me out of my style comfort zone. I won’t have pictured it this good. I now need to experiment some more with my style.


Fashionista Image

Style Blogger Img


What do you think of this look? Have you gone out of your style comfort zone lately? Let’s talk in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have a fab day.



Satin Slip Dress – c/o Boohoo

Black Bag – DKNY

Black Leather Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Black Sunnies – Marc Jacobs

Watch – Storm

Earrings – Hazel and Kent

Black Boots – Henry Holland


66 responses

  1. See I wouldn’t have chosen this either but you’very styled it beautifully. It’s almost underwear as outerwear. Good to be taken out of your comfort zone sometimes xx

  2. You look stunning in this outfit! AND you have just reminded me about how much I need a leather jacket in my wardrobe!

  3. You look fab. I have never thought of putting those 2 colours together. I usually avoid anything in the silver/grey look. I feel it’s too drab. I do like the silver with black though.

    You asked have we have stepped out of our comfort zones lately? LOL! Yes our eldest son got married 2 and a half weeks ago. High heels (high for me) and a body shaper underneath was very much out of my comfort zone. Having health issues the heels were a killer.

    I spent an absolute fortune on my outfit so I had to have everything just right. The shoes were kicked off under the top table mind and for quite a bit of the time after the actual wedding, at the reception.. The weather was gorgeous so was able to get away with it. Plus the reception was held at the family home in a gorgeous double tepee so it didn’t look wrong and loads did it too.

  4. What an amazing outfit, you look fantastic. It’s funny you should have been writing about Boohoo, I was driving today and saw a couple of billboards advertising the sit and was meaning to go on and have a look – what a coincidence

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