Laser vs Waxing

To wax or to laser? That is the question for many. Waxing has been around for a long time and is very popular. Many people have only heard of ear wax removal in London. However nowadays waxing treatments are now available for many areas of the body. It works by applying warm wax onto a hairy area and then smoothing down a wax strip on top. The wax sticks on to the hair, and when the strip is pulled away, the hair is also pulled along with it. It can be a bit uncomfortable (many find it painful) but it does the job of getting the hairs off from the root. While Laser Hair Removal treatment is the removal of body hair using the technology of laser. The treatment works by targeting the hair follicles with laser light. The heat damages the hair follicle and stops them from producing any more hair.


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To Wax Or To Laser

I prefer and recommend having a Laser Hair Removal Treatment over waxing if you can afford to. The treatments can be quite pricey but you clearly I have tried both ways and I found the laser method to be the most effective way of getting rid of body hairs. My laser treatment was on my chin. I had annoying hairs on there, so I decided to get them off using laser. It worked great. I had 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatment sessions in total, and the treatments left my chin feeling and looking completely hair free. You can read all about my Laser Hair experience here, here and other related blog posts.

With waxing, I still have some areas waxed quite regularly, like my eyebrows. Using laser on them won’t be ideal, so waxing does the job for that and other bits.


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If you are considering having a laser hair removal treatment done, I would say you should go for it. It is a great effective treatment to get rid of facial hair, hairs on the legs, and underarms. The team at Pulse Light Clinic do a great job, and they offer free consultation, which is amazing. You can find Pulse Light Clinic at the following locations –


Bank Clinic 1

1st Floor, Peek House, 20 East Cheap,
London, EC3M 1EB

0207 523 5158


Tottenham Court Rd

5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG

0207 205 4085


Bank Clinic 2 – Fenchurch Street Clinic

1st floor, 150 – 152 Fenchurch Street,
London, EC3M 6BB

0207 593 8055


You can find out more about this treatment at Pulse Light Clinic in this video. Mariam Must shares her laser hair removal experience with us.



Have you had a laser hair removal treatment before? What are you thoughts?


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Exfoliating: Why you need to do it

In today’s busy world, one has to be on ones toes in order to survive. Most of us have a hard time trying to organize our day in a way which involves both being productive and healthy. For example, on average, people have less than an hour to prepare for their day. One has to cram enough healthcare to last a whole day’s worth of work and stress. So exfoliating seems to be hard work for many.


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It’s only natural, then, that we would fail to do so very well. It’s completely fine to let yourself slack off on hygiene once in a while. However, it can be very dangerous for your body if done on a regular basis. For example, your skin does not need constant attention since it has numerous features of its own specifically designed to keep it in good shape. Our oil pores, for example, keep the skin sufficiently moisturized so that the cells on our epidermis do not die, leaving behind a layer of corpse cells that stick to our face.

However, it does happen over time even when our oil pores are functioning properly. It can sometimes happen when dust particles shut off your sweat pores and oil glands, causing your skin to dry up. The solution to this problem is also very simple: exfoliating. Exfoliating is not a very complex method in itself. Originating in ancient Egypt, exfoliating is used to get rid of the dead skin cells on one’s outermost skin. An agent is often used to get rid of the dead skin cells on the the skin without damaging any nerve endings or causing permanent damage to the living cells in the skin.



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Other forms of exfoliating include waxing, which, as a byproduct of getting rid of your hair, also gets rid of the dead skin cells clustered on the surface of your skin. Although waxing is not a conventional form of exfoliation, it is very much so. This can be used for most of your body, but as many readers might be wondering, is it good for your face? The answer to that question depends solely on the type of wax you are using, as that can make a major difference. Some acids in the wax could make the skin on your face redder than it is supposed to be. Hot wax could cause more damage to your face than good, as it would damage a lot of cells on your face before it cools down enough to be peeled off.

Shaving is also classified as a means of exfoliating your skin. When we shave, the strokes of our shaving brush alone remove a lot of the dead skin cells on the surface. Later, the double-edged razor blades strip off the thin layer of dead skins as they strip off hair. This is why shaving often makes us look fresher and makes our skin glow.


Exfoliating and Acne Treatment

Exfoliating, as many people know, is a very good way to ward off acne. Although it is generally believed that acne is something only preteens and young adults suffer from, it can persist for a long time in certain types of skins. Which in turn would keep the cells relaxed and the skin healthy. This can play a major role in acne treatment for there are a lot of regimens that one could follow in order to keep ones skin in good shape and to keep oneself away from acne, but the usage of those and how helpful each of those would be to you depends totally on the type of skin you have, as there are a varying amount of skin types across the globe and sometimes the differences can be startling but to get the best results, it is important that one refers to a dermatologist.

Do you exfoliate regularly?


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Product Review: Braun Silk SE5531 Wet & Dry Epilator

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I used an epilator for the first time some days ago and I am in awe of how smart a gadget it is. Prior to using this smart gadget, I have always used shaving creams, gels and sticks to get rid of the hairs on my legs, bikini line and underarms. At the moment, I am very into various hair removal treatments, having had my 6 laser hair removal treatments, and you should know all about that if you are a regular reader, and if you are not, you don’t know what you are missing…

I have been dying to use an epilator. I have heard mixed reviews about this hair removal gadget, so as soon as I spotted this epilator on offer on the Boots website, I bought it immediately. I went for the Braun Silk SE5531 Wet and Dry Epilator because the reviews online were good, and because it was on offer – I got it half price!


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I have used this epilator on my legs and attempted to use it on my underarms and I am have quite a lot to say about it. But before I dive into the review, here is what Braun has to say about this epilator –

Developed for ease of use, comfort and great results, Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet & Dry removes even the shortest hair that wax can’t catch, leaving skin silky smooth for up to four weeks.

Here are my thoughts:


  1. It is super easy to set up. You won’t be needing a dummies guide. It does come with a manual with the clear and simple instructions in English on page 11.
  2. This epilator comes with 2 speed settings. I used mine on the first setting because I only just started using an epilator and I found this setting much more comfortable.
  3. In the pack, there is a cleaning brush, tweezers, charging cord and a massage attachment designed to stimulate the skin for a gentler epilation.
  4. It is sold in many stores – Boots, Argos, and Amazon, to name a few.
  5. It leaves the skin silky smooth and without strands of hair for at least 4 weeks.
  6. It can be used in the shower, which makes it very convenient.
  7. The packaging was easy to rip off.


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  1. You have to charge it for an hour before first use which was a pain for me because I was in a hurry to test it.
  2. The cord needs to go in an adapter to charge which is a pain if you don’t have 1 at hand.
  3. I would have preferred to have a sort of lid on the epilator head for when not in use. It does not come with any.
  4. I found it extremely painful at first. Then it gradually became bearable on the legs but I could not stand the pain on the underarms. I found it so painful, I had to stop mid-way.

I have heard many people complain about how painful epilators wer but I thought I could handle it. I have had 6 sessions of laser hair removal treatment on my chin, so I thought this would be a walk in the park but I was so wrong. Epilators work the same way threading, waxing and tweezers work, it plucks the hairs from the roots. I find the hair plucking from the roots very painful, I rather go for a laser hair removal treatment that would ‘burn’ the hair rather than pluck. I guess that is why I did not find laser treatments so painful.

I recommend this Braun Silk SE5531 Wet & Dry Epilator to anyone who can withstand the pain of waxing and threading. If you can handle that, then this should be fine for you. The RRP is £89.99. This price can be a pro or a con depending on how useful it will be for you.

I will be using mine on my legs when I need to, but only on my legs. I will stick to other methods of getting rid of body hairs in other parts of my body for now.

What do you think of this Braun Silk SE5531 Wet & Dry Epilator? Have you tried it? Are you a fan of epilators? Which do you use? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

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