The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

There was a time when cosmetic surgeries were associated with the rich and famous celebrities. But not anymore. The girl next door could have surgery if she wanted.




Cosmetic surgeries have recorded great progress in helping many women regain their lives, but of course there have been some down sides as well.

If you have been thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery but you’re not sure about how it will affect your life, then here are some pros and cons that should help you make a decision.


Pros of Cosmetic Surgery
  1. Improves your looks

The major reason why a lot of people go for cosmetic surgery is to “improve their looks”. Cosmetic surgery has recorded a lot of success in helping people look and feel better.

Those who felt that their physical appearance needed something more than just a diet or beauty regimen to correct their flaws have been living happier and more fulfilling life after going through cosmetic surgery.

Correcting defects like a crooked nose or an ugly mole made a big difference in such people’s lives. Major issues like reducing or increasing your breast size, reducing weight with tummy tuck or liposuction has made people feel happier with their appearances.


  1. Makes you feel confident

Obviously once you are happy with your appearance, you feel more confident. Cosmetic surgery can help you get your confidence back by helping you correct what you want correcting.


  1. It will help you improve your health

Cosmetic surgery has helped people improve their health. There have been reports of ladies whose severe back pain was rectified with a breast reduction surgery. Another instance is when a sinus infection is corrected with a simple nose job. Such corrections can go a long way to improve people’s overall health and well-being.


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Cons of Cosmetic Surgery
  1. Severe disappointments

After hearing a lot of great things about cosmetic surgeries, a lot of people go for it with extremely high expectations of the “perfect” shape, look, or feel. Sadly, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Cosmetic surgeons could get it so wrong sometimes, just watch Botched.


  1. Long recovery time

Cosmetic surgeries are made of extremely complicated procedures. And since it is surgery after all, it will take a lot of time for the scars, wounds and bruises to heal completely.

Deep incisions and cuts may take a long time to heal and sometimes they can be located in the most conspicuous of all places, for example on your nose if you go for a nose job.


  1. High cost of operation

It’s not surprising why a good number of those who go for cosmetic surgery are celebrities. Cosmetic surgeries do not come cheap. A breast enlargement surgery could go for as much as £7,000.


I think the decision to go for cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. So it is not something you can be told to have or not have. However, I don’t see myself going down that route for now. At the moment, I am very happy and comfortable in my skin, so no for now. That may change in a few years, but at the moment, I don’t see myself going under the knife for any reason.

What are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery?


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  1. I am not a fan of it. If for instance I was obese having lost alot of weight and having to much access skin then that would be different as it would be health beneficial. I am not so it isn’t a problem.

    I know a couple of people who have had cosmetic surgery for breast reduction and enlargement. I understand why the person with breast reduction did it though as it was affecting her health.

    Each to there own. No one else business but the person having It.Just not for me

  2. I don’t really mind if people go ahead themselves, although I do sometimes have to question their choices. I worry also that women as young as in their 20’s consider it. I feel everyone has a beauty about them, and unless there is something that needs fixing due to an accident or somesuch, then is it really worth it? But I’m very open on personal choice still. Just not for me.

  3. I am not a massive fan of cosmetic surgery, however I did go to see a NHS specialist about a breast reduction a few years back. I didn’t go ahead with it because they wouldn’t take me down to a reasonable size (they specified 3 cups sizes only) which meant I would still have been a KK – it really wasn’t worth the pain and recovery for that! x

  4. I love your pros and cons list!! And I love watching botched although it does frighten me a little!!! I would if I could have a little bit of surgery, after having 2 kids I can say my body will NEVER be the same and I’m pretty sure I need a kind hand to help!

  5. Cosmetic surgery is not for me. I love myself and can’t go through such pain for any reason. I can use nice creams to improve my looks but definitely not surgery. On health reasons, maybe.

  6. In terms of breast enlargement, I have heard the recurring issue that the enlargement was too large. It seems no matter what size women ask for, they wake up with D or larger. I totally have to see Botched!

  7. I think I will stay away from cosmetic surgery for as long as possible. I wonder if it will become more popular in the future? I think people should go for it if they are really unhappy with their looks but I personally think it’s better to just stick with what you were given.

  8. It’s such an individual choice, personally, if its to benefit your health then that’s a good enough reason or if say you’ve been in an accident. Otherwise I don’t feel it’s neccessary but that’s just me x

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