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The stunning Billie Faiers is a Style Icon. I have admired her style and that of her sister – Samantha Faiers, since their TOWIE days, and I still love their fashion sense. I love Billie’s chic fashion sense. She brings her style game on every time, and she hasn’t allowed her current baby bump slow her down at all.

I love going through her snaps on Instagram. I can literally spend the whole day doing that if life lets me. I can see myself wearing almost every piece I see her rocking. I think we have similar taste in fashion. I guess that is why you are reading this post.




But now seriously, it should come as no surprise that Billie Faiers is a style icon. This woman is a confirmed fashion lover with the successful family’s fashion boutique business, her clothing range and her many stylish outfit, she is style goals!

I do miss seeing her on TOWIE. Her style was one of the reasons why I was so into TOWIE. She looks so good in everything!




I wish I could be a fly on the wall of Billie Faiers’ wardrobe, just so I can have a look at her entire collection. She is always rocking some really stylish pieces, and she makes every piece look so cool.

I also like the fact that she mixes regular high street pieces with more expensive designer pieces, and she nails it every time.




Here are some of her style dos and don’ts

Well, I think it’s important for everyone to have their own individual style and look but, most importantly, they should dress for their shape. It’s really important to wear what suits your figure. Don’t wear things that might not be flattering just because they’re fashionable or on trend.


I agree with this style tip. Dress for your figure and not trend.


What do you think of Billie Faiers’ style? Are you a fan?

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  1. Wow! Honestly, I’ve never heard of Billie Faiers until this post:/ is that shocking or does most say that? You are right about her style, by the pictures I see. All 3 were amazing! I feel like I have a very similar taste in fashion also because I would def go for these looks while shopping. It’s like simple, but alluring at the same time.

  2. I have never heard about this lady until this post. But honestly I love her looks and styles. She very cool. I also agree with her that you dress tip – dress to suit your shape and not for trend. Billie is sweet.

  3. I am hearing about Billie for the first time. I really love her styles and guite agree with her that one should dress to shape and not trend. She really gorgeous.

  4. I think TOWIE is very addictive for a trashy reality tv programme (sorry), but think the girls always have amazing style! I can’t help but warm to these two sisters. I’m always trying to wear what suits me and is comfortable, and not on trend x

  5. I always wear clothes that fit my shape and I feel comfortable in, I have never really been a fashion trend person I prefer comfort and good fit, I like to wear Nice clothes though that make me feel good

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