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I like shopping. I enjoy the process of finding something new. I am not an impulse buyer. I go for only things I really need, and all my purchases are always planned and budgeted in advance. Gone are the days of just splurging like there is no tomorrow. I guess is all part of adulting right?



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I like to shop smartly, so I always go by these sensible shopping tips so I don’t waste my time or money.


Check the washing instructions

I always check the label for the washing instructions before buying. I tend to avoid dry clean garments because they are too expensive to maintain, except I really LIKE the piece.


No retail therapy

I don’t shop when I don’t feel good. Shopping when I am down is the fastest way to empty the bank account. I rather have a spa day, watch a movie, read a book or speak with family/friends, than shop.


Think about it

I think long and hard before I part with my cash. I work too hard to just throw money around so no impulse buying here. Before I buy a new item, I make sure I need it, I make sure it blends in with my existing wardrobe, I make sure I can afford it, and I make sure it suits me.


Shop around for bargains

I always aim to shop the sales, I don’t like buy anything full price. So if it is not urgently needed, I wait until it is on sale, then buy it then. Or I go to a designer outlet, where most items are usually discounted. There are a couple of designer outlets in the UK, so have a look around online, and find your nearest designer outlet.




Keep your receipts and leave the tags on

Now this is a very important tip. I have had to keep items I didn’t like because I was too quick to rip the tags off or misplaced my receipts. For example, I have a pyjamas thing going on, I like to have a couple of new pyjamas every year, and I got a few from a local store some weeks ago. I got them in my regular size so I didn’t think the fit would be wrong but it was. This particular pyjamas had a different fit, and it was a little too big, but I ripped the tag off before I noticed, so I had to keep it.

The moral of the story is to check it fits and you are very happy before you rip the tags or lose the receipts.


Do you have any sensible shopping tips to share?







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  1. I need to follow your advise on the “don’t shop when you don’t feel good.” Sometimes I ended up buying without needing it. I need to stop the retail therapy thing. Hahaha

  2. I totally agree with you about shopping around for bargains. Your tip about checking washing instructions is a really good one – if something is going to cost a fortune to wash every time, it’s probably not worth it!

  3. I used to really enjoy shopping, but of late, I’ve just found it stressy and I dread it. I think I need to follow your tips, and probably stop stressing so much!

  4. I follow this rule, if I need a lot of things, for example, Spring is coming so I need a few spring tops, I will always go thrift shopping first. Because you can buy a lot for almost nothing.

  5. Most of the time I have to be in a good mood to shop otherwise I will feel really bad for spending the money! I terrible for taking the lables off, I always forget!

  6. I’m a better shopper than I used to be because of the Internet. It is rare I do retail therapy shopping now. I used too.

    Buying online gives me an excellent chance to think about why I am buying it, look for voucher codes etc. and save items to bookmarks to go back too.

    Alot of great ideas there especially about tags, receipts and wash labels. I am a bit of a devil for ripping off labels befote trying on if I haven’t tried on in the shop

  7. Great post, I’m all about being frugal and I find that I have so many clothes now that I rarely buy anything new and when I do it’s usually in the sales. I love to get a bargain and have found some great items in thrift shops too.

  8. Good tips. I always look at the washing instructions on clothes too, I know there is no way I’m going to hand wash things so no matter how much I like it it goes back. Also if it’s a generic item I search for the best price online.

  9. The amount of things I’ve ended up keeping as I’ve lost the receipt is unreal! Such an important tip. I think checking the care instructions is really important to! I’m not one for dry cleaning to be honest

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  11. Great tips. I never think to check the care instructions, but thinking about it I have a few clothes I avoid wearing because they are so expensive to clean.

  12. Fabulous tips. My days of retail therapy are very far behind me. Everything I buy is very much needed. I will however make impulse purchases for the children. And like you I will never buy anything that needs to be dry cleaned. Such a hassle. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  13. Some great advice here! When I do go shopping I have to ask myself questions like ‘do I really need this?’, ‘do I like it?’, ‘will I actually wear this?!’, ‘can I save money buying it elsewhere?’

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