Yes or No to Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever considered having cosmetic surgery done or have you had any work done already? I have not had any work done but I have considered having some work done at various points in my life.

At one point in my life, I considered having some wobbly bits done up, but I keep changing my mind. I am not sure if I would ever gone ahead with cosmetic surgery, but it is something that crosses my mind quite regularly, so it may happen some day.

Some people think, anyone who has cosmetic surgery done has insecurity issues, but I disagree. I believe majority of us, especially women, have a thing or 2 they we are insecure about, but I don’t think that necessarily would drive us to have cosmetic surgery done, if we do not want it done for other reasons.

As for me, I am very happy and comfortable in my skin. I have fallen completely in love with myself but there are still some parts of me,of my body, I would love to enhance if possible. I have had some other beauty enhancement treatments done, like my teeth whitened and laser hair removal treatment on my chin. And I can see myself having top-ups of those treatments and some more later in life. I found these treatments easy to do, and I didn’t have to recover from them, I could carry on as normal, and that is very important when I have 2 very active toddlers to deal with. I can’t afford to have a procedure that would leave me off work or on bed rest. It just can’t happen for now.

Cosmetic surgery can be done on various parts of our body, with the breasts, nose, buttocks, and lips and face being the most popular features for treatment. The ears are also becoming a very popular part to have some cosmetic surgery done thanks to the innovative Earfold treatment also known as Ear Pinning, which is simply an innovative alternative treatment for those with prominent ears.

Most of us know all about cosmetic surgery, the various types, and the pros and cons of having cosmetic surgery done. I know a few people in real life that have had their breasts and lips done, and they look great. Like I said in my previous post, I think the decision to have cosmetic surgery done is a personal choice, and as long as it is an enhancement and it makes you feel better about yourself, then it is definitely worth doing, if you can afford it. Just own it!

I think people, especially women who have had some work done, are judged too harshly by the general public. There are many reasons why someone would love to have a form of surgery done, and they may not always be for the vain reasons we tend to think.

What I would say is that you need to do your research, and read up the facts about the cosmetic surgery treatment before undergoing it.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Will you ever consider having cosmetic surgery done? Have you had any work done?

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  1. I must admit i did consider the idea of getting a tummy tuck in the future when I lost 6 stone prior to having my son. However its something i know I won’t consider now as i would have probably regretted it.
    I would however have beauty enhancements such as teethwhiting if I could afford to get it done.

  2. I have had teeth whitening and paid for a white crown. I do my eyebrows cosmetically tattooed once a year. Yearly is too keep them topped up and doesnt cost me alot.

    I would consider other cosmetic surgery for my teeth. Other than unless it was health reasons no its not for me

  3. Should say “I do get my eyebrows……..” ‘re above. I don’t do them myself. I go to a professional makeup tattooist

  4. I am not sure if I would get surgery. When I was younger I hated my small eyes, my tiny boobs and big nose but I am better with my image now. I do however want my teeth whitened and fixed x

  5. I do feel anything which depends on emotion and self-image should only be undertaken after counselling. I don’t mean to persuade them not to do it, but to be happier with whatever they decide. Things don’t always turn out from surgery how people expect.

  6. I’m all for cosmetic surgery, if someone wants to change something about themselves that would make them happier then they should do it! I’ve considered it on and off over the years but have never taken them plunge.

  7. I think if someone wants cosmetic surgery to make them feel more comfortable then they shouldn’t be judged for that. I always think ‘oh I would change this or that about me’, but I haven’t ever considered plastic surgery really.

  8. I think it’s totally up to the individual and we are too quick to judge people for their personal choices.

  9. I can’t imagine ever getting anything done but support those who want it or need it, I know people whose lives have been changed for the better by their surgery

  10. I would love to have laser treatment on my face to help get rid of the rosacea and a bit of lipo on my stubborn tummy wouldn’t go amiss

  11. I had a breast enlargement 6 weeks ago, it was something I’d been thinking about everyday for the last 3 years. I’m so much happier and love them! Really pleased I done it! Just went for a natural size as I wanted to do it for myself, no one else. I’m up for cosmetic procedures but I only like them if it looks natural… if that makes sense!

  12. Interesting – I don’t think I would get surgery but who knows, it could be something I would consider. I can understand it if you have something in particular that might be wrong but I would never do anything too drastic.

  13. I don’t have a opinion on it, I think it depends on the person and how they feel. If at the time I want it then yes, I don’t at the moment, but I wouldn’t say never!

  14. It is a grey area to be honest. Different people have different reasons for wanting cosmetics. But unfortunately many people get it done due to pressures and wanting to keep up with the trend. More so, because of the media and how we’ve constantly made to feel like we are not perfect, and that perfection is all that they show on TV. I remember during my uni days when I had to speak up in the classroom during one of our restorative classes (cosmetic dentistry module), to remind people and just to make people aware that there are billions of people all around the world with gaps between their front teeth and we’ve kind of pathologised it somehow. Personally, I won’t have braces to close the gap in my front teeth, whitening procedure, or have fillers and all sorts. I just like the way I am. I am happy carrying out this treatments for anyone who requests them after they have made an informed decision. At the end of the day, I don’t live in their reality.

  15. For me I can never go for any sort of comestic surgery on my body. Teeth whitening, maybe but nothing under the knife. It is a personal thing anyway.

  16. I’ve considered cosmetic surgery before but I’m too afraid to go under the knife so I highly doubt I ever go through with it. I would like to try teeth whitening and laser hair removal.

  17. I’ve not had anything done as yet but, should funds allow it in the future I certainly would consider it. I think it’s important to remember that a lot of what we see in the media isn’t a true representation of what ‘regular’ folks look like post surgery. We see stars with ridiculously large breasts rather than subtle enhancements to balance size difference; nose jobs that have been done so many times that the remaining nose looks ready to collapse in on itself and lips that look like they will explode at any moment. I’ve noticed that as I’ve hit my mid 40s my eyelids have become droopy, my rosacea more pronounced and my baby apron both saggier and wobblier. I would like to rectify these things, in theory, because who wouldn’t like to be the best possible version of themselves? That said, in reality, it’s unlikely that I would get the work done because I know the bruising and healing would be significant due to autoimmune issues. I think I would probably spend any savings on creating happy memories with my family and focus on my good points rather than obsessing with my faults. I guess we shall just have to see how much droopier my eyelids get. 😉

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