Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Still Banned for Men?

Are cosmetic and plastic surgery still banned for men? If you analyze information from various sources about the topic of cosmetic surgery, it’s almost always targeted toward women who want to enhance their appearance. In previous decades, plastic surgery for men has been somewhat of a taboo act. However, current statistics indicate that this trend may be changing rapidly. Men are still in the minority of patients who seek cosmetic procedures. However, more men than ever before are showing an active interest in these procedures. There are a wide variety of reasons that we seem to be experiencing a lifting of the male cosmetic surgery taboo .



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Below, we will discuss some of the reasons this is changing and what it might mean for male plastic surgery patients in the coming years. If you’re considering plastic surgery as a male, you’re not alone in your interest regarding these procedures.


Workplace Discrimination Affects Men Too

Men looking to fight age-related discrimination in the workplace are sometimes turning to cosmetic surgery. They are also turning to minimally invasive procedures such as Botox to turn back the hands of time. While we typically think of ageism and workplace discrimination based on appearance as primarily a female-centered issue, it affects men too.  As more men have high-profile careers where they remain in the public eye for extended periods of time, they too can be affected by derogatory remarks or even demotions related to showing signs of aging. Botox injections and other cosmetic enhancing procedures are being sought out by men who want to remain competitive in the workplace.


Men are Now Retiring at Later Ages

While plastic surgery icontinues to be a primarily female-centered arena, a growing portion of the male population are not ashamed to say they’re interested in these procedures too. Part of the reason for some men is that they plan to retire at a much older age than their past generations. By continuing to work much later in life, some men feel an increased need to counteract the signs of aging.


Men Display Growing Interest in Cosmetic Procedures

Since 2010, there’s been an almost 20% increase in the number of men who have shown an interest in Facelift Procedures . It appears that men view these procedures in much the same light as going to the gym or consuming a healthy diet. It’s all about men’s growing interest in taking care of themselves in a physical sense. Which leads to the desire of maintaining a youthful appearance for a longer period of time. Simply put, the aesthetic desires of men are really not that different from those of women. Men want to feel good in their own skin and be accepted based on their outward appearance. Both men and women alike appreciate feeling young and attractive in a strictly physical sense.



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Cosmetic Procedures are More Socially Acceptable Today

Whether we are referring to men or women, the fact of the matter is that cosmetic procedures simply aren’t frowned upon to the degree that they used to be in the recent past. Part of this is likely due to the influence of Hollywood stars. They have been open and honest about their own cosmetic procedures. And what these procedures have done to enhance their lives. In times past, a patient would undergo a cosmetic procedure and hide away until healing had taken place. Thanks to advancements, patients can now go in for their procedure in the morning and be out in the evening.

Statistics indicate that almost 10% of cosmetic procedures performed during 2011 were completed on men. While this may seem like a low number, this figure actually demonstrates an increase of over 120% over previous years. More men are working in high-profile careers where they place a great deal of importance on their physical appearance. Additionally, men are working longer before retiring than they have in the past. Which means that they have a growing interest in procedures that can keep them looking young and fresh.

Plastic surgery has been a primarily female dominated field of interest in Europe, Sydney and most parts of the world. However, we are seeing a steady change in terms of a lessening of the taboo. As we continue seeing this exciting shift in trends, we are sure to see more men reaping the benefits of cosmetic surgical procedures. If you’re a male considering Sydney plastic surgery, visit SydneyPlasticSurgery for more information.


What do you think of cosmetic and plastic surgery? Please share your views in the comments section.

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  1. I only believe in cosmetic surgery for health or life-threatening reasons. We are all going to get old. This is inevitable. Does it mean I think we should age gracefully? No way! But surgery isn’t the answer to that. It’s called eating right and staying active. I don’t believe we all have to look like 20-something supermodels in order to look and feel beautiful. And, particularly in the work place, judging someone based on their age is a ridiculous notion because for some strange reason humans seem to think that outward beauty holds all the cards on deciding what kind of person an individual is. That is a materialistic point of view. Of course we love beauty but I think we take it way too far in this pressure to always look good no matter what. That our outward looks somehow dictate what our souls are. Sorry for the rant. I’m just very much against plastic surgery for superficial and materialistic reasons. Doing it for that reason doesn’t make someone a better person. At the end of the day, it’s about who you are, not what you look like.

  2. I’ve been into Asian culture for years now, so I’m kinda used to men undergoing ps and using makeup, and honestly I don’t think there is anything wrong about it if it would make them feel better in their skin, just how it’s okay for women to do so if it’s gonna make them feel better in their skin.

  3. Cosmetic surgery is such a personal thing. I haven’t ever stopped to think about cosmetic surgery is marketing to primarily women before. It is interesting reading about the changes in men’s attitudes towards cosmetic surgery.

  4. It is strange how advertisers do not target men when the female market is saturated as there is a lot of competition for procedures! I agree that there can be discrimination in the workplace so we definitely need to do more to promote equality between the sexes!

  5. This is so true its strange why cosmetic surgery only seems to be targeted towards women and u rarely hear of men getting anything done. I don’t think anything is wrong with it regardless of gender and its a personal choice.

  6. I don’t see a reason why this would be a women only thing. Also, since this is such a private thing to do, there is no need for anyone to talk about whether they did it or not. What matters is that it makes them feel good now.

  7. It does seem to be targeted toward women more, because they tend to be the group that has the “worst” self-esteem but I think it affects men a lot too. I think if you want to have something done and it’s not harmful, then that’s your choice. Whatever helps you.


  8. I agree women are generally the main target of cosmetic surgery marketing. I think in general, there is more pressure on women to look good in society – ie grey hair and lines make a woman look old but make a man look distinguished. This seems to be the perception anyway.

  9. This is so thought provoking… I had never thought about men having cosmetic surgery before but I don’t see why it should be any different for women having surgery.

  10. I don’t others doing it if they feel they want to but I would only resolve to cosmetic surgery for a health problem. I’ve seen some serious deformations being done.

  11. I do believe that plastic surgery is becoming more of a go-to for people who fear aging! I have health problems that require procedures (not for appearance though!) which I find not fun at all, so going to this level voluntarily to try and make yourself look youthful is a little extreme, but I’m not judging! Whoever wants to have it, whether men or women, who can afford it then go for it!

  12. We are what God made us. Such surgeries are not necessary unless you have met a tragedy and it is absolutely necessary. Men in general are not that conscious about looks and do not like to go for surgeries very often.

  13. I personally believe cosmetic surgery should be done only for medical reasons. One should learn to love the natural way they are. Anyway, it’s a personal choice. 🙂

  14. Age-related discrimination is certainly real, and I experience it (as an almost 60-year-old), even in the virtual world of working from home! I really hadn’t thought about men not having as much marketing targeting them for helpful procedures, but I guess it makes sense. Our society tends to make more of a scene over women showing their age than men.

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