5 Essential Beauty Products to Take Camping

Summer is around the corner (ignore the weather if it’s still windy at your end), and most people are starting to get in the holiday mood. Well, I know I am. I have started thinking of what to do with the family this summer holiday. We have never been camping as a family, and I have not gone camping in years now, so going camping is on the to-do list.

Because it has been so long, I would have to refresh my memory with a handy camping guide, so I know what to expect. I know for sure, a new large camping tent will be needed, and I know the exact one I think we would need – Urban Escape 4 Man Tunnel Tent by Halfords. We will likely be needing a new puffy camping blanket as well.



Tent Image

But apart from the tent, I had to look up what else we would be needing for a family with 2 kids under 4. The kids love the outdoors a lot, so I know they will be so excited to go, but once the novelty wears off, they would need to be comfortable so we can all have a good time. I would also need some essential beauty products, or else I would start to miss home too.


Here are some essential beauty products to take camping –


Dry Shampoo

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam Image


A dry shampoo is a necessity when camping. The last thing you would want to deal with when camping is smelly hair, so ensure you take a dry shampoo away with you. They are so easy to use, and very convenient to use, since you don’t have to rinse out.



Suncream for the entire family is a camping essential. I can’t imagine going camping without an SPF 30 waterproof suncream.



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A strong deodorant is another camping beauty essential for me. The last thing I would want is to smell funky, so a good deodorant from a tried and trusted brand like Dove, would definitely be in my camping bag.



Wipes are beauty essentials for camping. I can’t imagine being without them. They are handy for wiping off makeup, cleaning hands and so on.


Tinted Lip Balm with SPF

I don’t bother much with makeup when camping, but having a lip balm would be great. A tinted lip balm with SPF would be fab for hydrating the lips, adding a bit of colour and for protecting the lips from the harsh sun rays.


Are you going camping this summer? What are your beauty camping essentials?


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  1. Every single one of those are definite musts. I love the dry shampoo. That one is my favorite. I carry that stuff in my purse because I’m around smokers sometimes and I hate the way my hair smells when all that smoke finds its way into my hair.

  2. Some great suggestions here and we totally agree with the dry shampoo when we go camping and at festivals. Lots of Wipes are a great idea too and they come in handy for lots of things x

  3. Great post. I agree with all the camping tips. Infact my friends and I are thinking of going camping next month, all your recommendations will really help especially the dry shampoo and suncreen. Thanks for always being there.

  4. We haven’t been camping as a family but went two years in a row to the Isle of Man TT and camped. Baby wipes, deodorant and dry shampoo were my staples I can tell you!

  5. I have never taken the kids camping but we hope to do some practice sleeps in the garden this summer! Not tried dry shampoo before, never leave the house without baby wipes!

  6. With our first big family camping trip coming up, I’ll definitely be making use of some of these tips. Mitchum deodourant does the trick for me though – sometimes I find Dove makes me sweaty!

  7. I also have a roadeavour soap sheets that i bring with me when camping. It helps you moisturize your skin especially in when it is cold.

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