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This time, 4 years ago, I was heavily pregnant with my twins. I remember the summer being very hot, and me being very uncomfortable. I was unable to sleep for most part of my pregnancy and my general discomfort increased in the warm summer months.


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I had no issues at all with my twin pregnancy. I was not on bed rest or any sort of medication, and I continued working until the very end. When I say work, I mean me living in Cheshire and working in Manchester, which was over 2 hours commute every day. I was working long hours and all, but I managed to pull through somehow.


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I bet you are wondering where I am going to with this post. Well, lets just I have been seeing a lot of pregnant women around this summer, both online and offline, and all I can think off now is being dead warm and pregnant. With babies being popped front, back and centre, it is hard not to get broody. 2017 seems to be the year of pregnancies and babies. I saw a picture of Beyonce’s twins the other day, and I couldn’t stop looking at them. They are so cute!

I enjoyed the most part of my pregnancy. I found the whole experience fascinating. The one thing I hated though, apart from the discomfort and lack of sleep, was the intense heartburn. I suffered from very bad heartburn for most of my pregnancy, it made eating and drinking very difficult. It was tough because I couldn’t take any medication for it. I just had to deal with it naturally. If I were to do the whole pregnancy thing again, I would love so much for my body to skip the uncomfortable heartburn bit.

I know many people suffer from Acid Reflux/Heartburn generally, even when not pregnant. I use to even before my pregnancy, and I still struggle with it every now and again, depending on what I eat. Which is why I am glad to now know about Acid Reflux/Heartburn drugs like Omeprazole. It is good to know that there are many shops to buy Omeprazole capsules online. Many of us don’t have to suffer anymore.

I am a huge fan of online shopping. I am always very into products I can shop online, so this drug is a favourite of mine, and it does the job excellently for my heartburn!

Do you suffer from heartburn/acid reflux? How do you deal with it? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.


*Collaborative post.

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  1. I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my third child, which means I will be heavily pregnant come summer (I live in Australia), and I am dreading it! My oldest was born in the middle of winter, and my second was born on the first day of spring, so I have never dealt with being nearly full term in scorching heat. As long as the nausea wears off by then, though, I should be okay 😉

  2. My second son would have been 11 yesterday and it was the hottest summer on record in decades. Gosh it was hot!! I still suffer with reflux/indigestion now. I’m under a consultant for it.

  3. Oh I didn’t know you could get Omeprazole without a prescription. I had horrid heartburn in my pregnancies, nothing kept it under control at all. I ended up on Zantac, but I be Omeprazole would have worked better.

  4. I suffer from reflux without being pregnant. I have always had a sensitive stomach/bowel from birth.

    I was a colicky baby back in an era where there was nothing they gave you. It was just put up with it to my Mom.

    I have always been this way sensitive and the aftermath causing PTSD enhanced the issue. Camera down throat at hospital ensued I had inflammation problems in the duodenal area.

    I now take lifelong omeprezal topped up the last 3 years with dopimodide (probably wrong spelling) and live with it. It helps not cures. Next stop if it gets worse again is the hospital and endoscopy again.

    Strangely enough I didn’t really suffer in pregnancy though my last pregnancy was 21 years.

    I also take liquid gaviscon on top as needed. I am surprised you weren’t offered that even in a milder form.

    My 3rd child was on infant gaviscon from 10 days old as he inherited my sensitivities. That is why so say about you being offered it in milder form too

    I was pregnant with my eldest 3 and gave birth in May and 2 in June so touched on the summer and my youngest was born in November so did a full summer with him and hot weather.

    No easy answer as to what to do with either situation. I was ill in all my pregnancies which didnt help matters

    Great post Stella highlighting some of the downsides of pregnancy. It isn’t a delightful time like the magazines would have you believe for many.

    Our daughter in law is expecting our 2nd Grandchild and our eldest son and her first baby next month. She has gestational diabetes plus very high blood pressure so isn’t enjoying her pregnancy and just wants it all over

  5. My girls have June and July birthdays. And for whatever reason it was hottter with my June baby. I lived off of tums and Prilosec and Zantac for both. My second I actually threw up a few times from it. It blows. I still get reflux occasionally now. And not nearly as intense.

  6. I also feel sorry for mums who are pregnant in heat! It sounds like you bloomed. However I agree on the heartburn, that wound me up no end too I remember.

  7. Anya is a September baby so I was very hot and uncomfortable that year! I suffered form really awful heartburn during all 3 pregnancies 🙁

  8. Wonderful picture of your babies 🙂 Yes, I remember that hotness when heavily pregnant in the summer. And that was in the UK, I cannot imagine what it would be like here, in Spain!

    If you do get pregnant again, I would like to make a suggestion that you look up a Shiatsu practitioner (a sort of acupressure massage that you get with your clothes on. Well trained practitioners study for a minimum of 3 years). I specialise in pregnancy and many of my colleagues do too, and we can really help with insomnia and heartburn. I know there are times when drugs are necessary, but many of us would prefer natural methods if they work. Hope you don’t mind my sharing this, just that I hate to think of you or others suffering unnecessarily. TG

  9. My son was born in December so I wasn’t very far along during the summer. This baby is due July 9 so it is going to be crazy hot. I Am not looking forward to it.

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