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I know all about how difficult it can be to find a great restaurant that ticks all the boxes. The boxes for me being, a nice serene atmosphere, beautiful decor, good lighting, good customer service, delicious food, a variety of drinks, good music, family friendly facilities. These days, I find that we struggle to find amazing places to dine, especially when we are in big cities with so many options. It can be a bit overwhelming and tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff. Well, that’s where Hollabox comes in.


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What is Hollabox?

Hollabox is the UK’s first video discovery platform. It allows users step inside the best bars, restaurants and events in London, to see the atmosphere with their own eyes. It is a free app available on Apple App Store. I downloaded it some days ago, and I found it super handy. It has kept me very busy. I have been busy watching various video clips of restaurants and bars (just like Snapchat), and making notes of the places I want to visit when next I am in London.

London is like my second home. I visit the city quite regularly. So knowing the great places to visit beforehand, that would best suit our lifestyle makes  my life easier. I have had my fair share of horrible bars and restaurants in London, with zero customer service. So I rather avoid the rest of them, and I will now thanks to the Hollabox app.

Using this app is very easy. Once you download it, you have the option of signing in with Facebook, which I did. Once you signed in, you can browse a variety of pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and even desserts spots, with videos to watch so you have a visual idea of what to expect.


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I think Hollabox is a fantastic idea for Londoners. The videos on the app are great visual reviews, and the captions included in the video makes it even better. So no more rude surprises, when you walk into a restaurant in London and it is nothing like what is photographed on the restaurant’s website. I bet that has happened to a good number of us. This app puts an end to all that. There is also a map view on the app, which is so useful for Ubers and getting directions to the exact location.

If you are in London, you can download the Hollabox app here and see for yourself. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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*Collaborative post.

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  1. What a great idea, it should cover all cities! We went for a meal recently and the food was lovely, the place looked very nice too but the noise, it was so loud (talking and music) we couldn’t hear each other. This would have been obvious on a video and we could have chosen somewhere else.

    • Yea. It can be so frustrating when the location does not meet the expectation. That is where Hollabox comes in.

  2. I used the app as well when I was out with friends at the weekend and it came in handy finding somewhere to go after the most terrible dating event we have ever been to! It was so cool how we could see restaurants as they were in real time! x

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